‘I got revenge on my evil neighbour in a gross way – so satisfying’

A social media user found an innovative, yet disgusting, way to keep difficult neighbours at bay.

A social media user found an innovative, yet disgusting, way to keep difficult neighbours at bay.

Several Reddit users have come up with devious plans to get back at vexing neighbours, like reporting violations to apartment management or even the police.

In a recent Reddit post, the user came up with a grosser plan.

The user said they had been living in a small house set back from the other homes on the street with their boyfriend and dog. One of their neighbours hated the homeowners, simply because she wanted the property for herself.

The neighbour tried everything to scare them away.

“One particularly trying week, she had called the cops on us 4 times, and as we were very quiet, clean people the cops just left right away after apologizing,” the user said.

The bothersome neighbour called the city, telling them the house needed to be condemned. The user woke up to find police and the city assessors outside taking pictures of the property.

That was the Reddit user’s last straw. The neighbour also happened to own a restaurant in the town, so the user ordered live cockroaches.

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    “I put over 30 live cockroaches in her bathroom. Then I called on her for health code violations. She was shut down, and she soon moved far away.”

    Commenters supported her plan.

    “When a cockroach is done in by cockroaches,” one wrote.

    “I’d say that was a bit more than petty, but well played!”

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