Only those with eagle eyes can crack this tricky Valentines-themed brainteaser

It is said that only the sharpest minds can spot the broken heart among the hundreds surrounding the woman in the centre of the picture.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, why not get in the spirit with this fun yet challenging puzzle?

It is said that only those with eagle eyes can spot the broken heart among the hundreds surrounding the woman in the centre of the picture.

Games experts at Casino Professor say only those with “super vision” can find the heart in the picture.

According to the creators, four out of five people cannot spot the broken heart at all and successful players will take over 42 seconds to do so.

For those struggling to find the broken heart, try scanning around each heart individually as there could be something nestled in between them.

It is also worth looking at the hearts that are pushed closer together rather than those closer to the woman.

Another clue is to try looking on the right-hand side of the image towards the top.

Those who were able to spot it have incredibly good eyesight and those who were unable to complete the puzzle need not worry too much due to its low completion rate.

Brainteasers are great for helping to prevent dementia and keep the brain on its toes as well as simply helping to pass the time on a long commute.

The more players practice the sharper their brains and eyes will get.

There are also many other brainteasers to try including this cake conundrum, a car-themed puzzle which tests if you have 20//20 vision and even a darts-themed puzzler.

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