‘My parents left my toddler alone in a pool – I don’t think I can forgive them’

A dad’s idyllic summer getaway was turned into a nightmare, following his parents did something unspeakable.

A family holiday was reportedly on the verge of ruin after one child was left in a very risky situation. A dad’s idyllic summer getaway was turned into a nightmare, following his parents did something unspeakable.

The tense drama unfolded during a trip involving the 35-year-old, his wife, their two young children, and his parents, who generously paid for the family’s flights, reports Mirror Online.

Despite his attempts to savour the moment, a concerning safety mishap has led to significant tension between them.

The anonymous user posted on Reddit: “I’m currently on holiday with my parents, they invited me and my family to their friends apartment with a pool, and paid for the flights, my mum recently retired.

“[One day my parents] offered to take my daughter to the pool… I watched from the balcony and they played with her… she had fun.”

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At the time, their toddler daughter was paddling around wearing a float vest.

The father watched anxiously for about 20 minutes, fully aware that both his daughter and his supervising mother couldn’t actually swim.

The nameless man continued: “My dad who had her in the deep-end seemed to ask her to swim by herself to the shallow end (where she can stand) whilst he got out, grabbed his things and then walked around…

“My wife was completely panicking whilst this was happening and ended up shouting from the balcony which is not like her as she is very unconfrontational.

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“I watched and whistled to get their attention but didn’t want to make the situation worse or into something it wasn’t… And in fairness, my daughter did manage to ‘swim’, and then walk to the shallow end where they collected her.”

Incredibly, this isn’t the first time such incidents have occurred with the children’s grandparents.

On one occasion, the father claims he walked in to find his infant son wandering halfway up the stairs.

Additionally, on a different day, he noticed his daughter’s car seat harness was far too loose because the grandparents didn’t know how to fasten it properly.


    However, speaking on the swimming pool dilemma, he said: “When they returned they said: ‘One little girl safely returned’ and I said: ‘Yeah just about, you left her in the deep end’.

    “They said: ‘No we didn’t’, and at that exact moment my son fell and hit his face on a table… I had to deal with that… how can I re-address this, am I overreacting?”

    The anonymous post has since racked up hundreds of comments online, with countless users claiming this is a blaring red flag.

    Concerned, one person warned: “Behaviour like this is an iceberg. You witnessed them in the pool, but unless you constantly spy on the parents with the granddaughter, then you aren’t seeing everything.”

    Meanwhile, another said: “This particular time wasn’t a massive deal maybe but next time who knows what they’ll do.”

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