Natural pollution of the planet Earth

Natural pollution
Natural pollution

Natural pollution is a natural process. These include quite a few reasons. Volcanic eruptions, numerous fires, rocks.

During the eruption of a volcano, magma heated to a huge temperature rises to the surface of the earth. Or, otherwise, it pours out of the crater. A fairly large amount of highly heated substances immediately appears in the air. For this reason, pollution occurs. The temperature reaches a critical point. All living things that collide with her will burn alive.

Combustion as a source of natural pollution

Combustion is one of the natural sources of pollution of nature. Due to the strong influence of the sun, organic compounds light up. The reason for their combustion is the presence of carbon dioxide and water. Fire-fighting measures leave much to be desired. Forests and their inhabitants are constantly suffering from fires. Many animals and plants are dying. Because of this, the erosion of the earth occurs. Trees suffer no less. Because of this, carbon consumption is reduced.

Storms of dust

They appear due to the fact that the wind lifts small parts of the earth into the air. With a large number of them, a storm is formed. Especially strong phenomena, raise not so small parts. Pieces of rocks are flying in the air, but they don’t stay there for long. Dust storms are very common. They happen because of drought. This phenomenon also heavily pollutes the atmosphere.

Vortices are also strong sources of pollution. Thunderstorms appear before a cloud over land or sea. It has a very low pressure. For this reason, he literally sucks in everything he encounters. Even the largest objects will not be spared by the whirlwind.

Space is one of the sources of pollution

All meteorites and any other substances literally hang in the earth’s atmosphere. Any works of people who, for some reason, exploded or failed. All objects remain there just garbage. And they continue to pollute the planet even from the outside. It turns out that to leave garbage on the planet, it is not even necessary to fly to it.

According to the nature of the occurrence of pollution, it is divided into natural and anthropogenic. Natural pollution occurs as a result of natural, usually catastrophic without any human influence on these processes, anthropogenic – as a result of human economic activity. The intensity of anthropogenic pollution is directly related to the growth of the world’s population and, first of all, to the development of large industrial centers.

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