Only those with 20/20 vision can spot the hazards in under 15 seconds

Want to see if you have eagle-eyes? Try this tricky puzzle.

Everyone knows that you must keep your eyes sharp if you want to maintain your skills on the road, as well as needing to stay on top of your driving theory.

When you’re behind the wheel, you need to pay good attention to whatever is happening on the road, be it a rogue cyclist or a fallen tree.

To do this, you need two things: the eyesight of an eagle, and the situational awareness of a cat.

So, why not kill two birds with one stone, and test your vision with this road-hazard-themed puzzle?

Created by the AA, this brain teaser will put you to the test and prove if you’re road-worthy or not.

READ more: Only those with eagle eyes can solve this brainteaser in under 15 seconds

As you look at the image, you’ll see a motorway crammed with cars, travelling in both directions.

Have a hard look at the six lanes of traffic, and see if you can spot the four hazards present on the road.

Now, don’t worry if you can’t immediately see them at first – this is a tough challenge. The record for spotting all four dangers is 15 seconds, and it takes the average person over a minute to complete the puzzle.

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Still stuck? Helpfully, the AA have provided a handy cheat sheet telling you what you should be keeping an eye out for.

According to the AA, there is a flat tyre, an overheating vehicle, a car leaking fuel, and a pair of lost keys.
Hopefully, this should make the puzzle easier to complete and you should be able to beat the average time of 69 seconds!

Not managed it yet? Ready to give up? Fret not, the answers are circled in red below…


    There we go, the answers have been revealed.

    Concentrated in the lower half of the image, three of the four errors are on the leftwards-bound side of the motorway.

    Brain teasers are a brilliant way to keep your mind in top form – especially important for drivers, and as we get older.

    How did you get on?

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