Only those with a jet pilot’s eyes can spot the differences in seconds

This festive puzzle offers players a great opportunity to test their observation skills.

Only those with the eyes of a fighter jet pilot can spot the differences in this festive picture within nine seconds or less.

This Christmas brainteaser has five differences and has left puzzlers baffled while trying to complete the game. Created by gaming experts at Play Minesweeper, the picture features “subtle” differences which only those with a keen eye for detail can spot.

Many have given up early on the puzzle, with those struggling recommended to split the image into quarters and then hunt for the differences. As well as testing the brain, the festive scene offers a brilliant way to get in the Christmas spirit by testing out friends and family.

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For those still taking their time over the pictures, the answers are pictured above. A spokesman for the game’s creator said: “Not only is this a super quick way to get in the festive mood this year, but it’s also a great way to take a few minutes to relax.

“This spot the difference game is the perfect blend of festive fun and mindful play.”

Did you spot all the differences? No worries if not, the answers are circled below. Would you like to try more of our mind boggling brainteasers?

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For something a bit different, try out this “accurate” optical illusion will supposedly tell you whether you are lucky or struggling in life at the moment. For more brainteasers on, click here.


    For those who enjoyed that puzzle, there are plenty of other Christmas teasers available.

    These include a similar festive scene which can test whether people have 20/20 vision or not.

    And those who are not quite ready for Christmas yet can try this optical illusion which tests whether players are lucky or not.

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