Only those with the keenest vision can spot hidden animals in under 9 seconds

This puzzling brainteaser dares you to discover four animals concealed in plain view in a fleeting nine seconds.

Brainteasers test cognitive skills, usually requiring logic, creative thinking, and problem-solving. Solving a brainteaser serves as entertainment, mental workouts, and occasionally as a means to gauge intelligence or problem-solving aptitude.

It can help improve our overall cognitive health and memory, even potentially lowering the risk of dementia.

One such mind-boggling brainteaser will leave you looking for answers as it is believed only those with the keenest vision will be able to solve it.

The tricky puzzle challenges you to spot the hidden animals but there is a time limit. You have to spot all the animals in under nine seconds.

In this calm painting, you will see a beautiful coastline with a small house on a cliff and a few ships sailing far away. But what you might miss at first is that there are four hidden animals in the picture.

Scroll down for a hint – and then the answer.

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Your hint

Your challenge is to find all four animals within nine seconds. There is a hint: You are looking for an antelope, fox, bat and flamingo. Three of these animals are located in the cliff itself, while the last one is at the beach.

Did you manage to spot them? If not, we have found it for you, have a look.

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