‘My parents are ruining my wedding by leaving early to throw their own party – I’m gutted’

Reddit users labelled the mum’s plan “crazy” and accused her of “intentionally trying to sabotage” the big day.

Weddings are a time of unity and harmony in every family – but a decision by one groom-to-be’s parents has threatened an irreparable rift.

A huge argument erupted after his parents decided they’d leave his wedding party early to throw their own bash.

The furious future newlywed is so upset the has now uninvited his parents from the nuptials altogether.

The bizarre story was shared on the Reddit page ‘Am I an a******?’ – an anonymous safe space for users feeling guilt about a particular problem.

Explaining the falling out, the son said it centres around not wanting young children at the original party. But his mum’s alternative suggestion would mean around 50 family members swerving his event to go to hers.


    He said: “Me and my girlfriend just got engaged after nearly nine years of dating and are planning our wedding for next spring. We’ve started planning the wedding and one of the things we discussed was whether we want children at our wedding.

    “We’re both the oldest kids/cousins in our families and have always had lots of little ones at every big event in our lives. We decided that we don’t want young kids (under 10) at the reception as we want a more grown-up style of party.”

    The groom-to-be goes onto write: “There are three families that are invited that have kids under 10 with a total of seven kids under 10 years old.

    “Me and my fiance were expecting at least one of the parents if not both from each family to leave early to take care of their kids and were completely OK with this as they have other responsibilities to tend to.

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    “Now my mother is saying that her and my step dad will be leaving early so that they can throw a separate celebration at their house so that the people that are forced to leave since they have kids have somewhere to go and can still have a good time.”

    Reddit users mainly supported the man, labelling his mum’s plan “crazy”.

    One even accused his mother of “intentionally trying to sabotage your wedding out of spite because you don’t want children” to attend.

    Another added: “Don’t even bother inviting them. If they can’t respect your day, they shouldn’t even be considered.”

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