Only those with the sharp minds can crack this tricky brainteaser in 17 seconds

This latest puzzle asks players to find the lipstick hidden among shelves upon shelves of perfume bottles and has been noted as being particularly tricky.

This new brainteaser asks you to spot the hidden lipstick, but be warned it is much harder than it seems.

Put together by budget perfume company Chez Pierre, the puzzle tests players’ attention to detail.

Only those with a high IQ are said to be able to complete the task, but its creator says those who do complete it, do so in 17 seconds or less.

They say that three out of five people cannot spot the hidden lipstick at all.

One tip for finding it is to scan each row one by one breaking up the image into sections, inspecting each one carefully.

For those who still cannot find it try looking at the corners of the picture.

Brainteasers are brilliant for keeping the mind healthy and active as working on them reinforces connections between brain cells, improves mental speed, and is an effective way to improve short-term memory.

If readers still have not found the lipstick they should try looking in the top left corner.

Those who found it should give themselves a pat on the back as they are in the minority.

And for readers wanting more brainteasers, how about trying this one from ITV’s 1 percent Club? There is also this optical illusion showing whether viewers are strong-willed or kind-hearted.

For those still loved up from Valentine’s Day, how about this brainteaser, which challengers players to find a broken heart?

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