People only just realising what the round button on seatbelt is actually for

A TikTok video sharing fun facts has gone viral, and people are astounded by what a the round button on a seatbelt does. @epiccfacts

What The Secret Button On Your Seatbelts Does #facts

nhạc nền – Facts

It’s often said that the meaning of life lies in the endless pursuit of knowledge. Expanding your wisdom and learning all sorts of fun facts is an infinitely worthy pastime, and we find there’s nothing more satisfying than answering a burning question you’ve had for ages.

As his name suggests, TikTok user @epiccfacts, posts videos that help to satisfy all of our questions about the world. He shares a variety of fun facts, life hacks, and funny moments on his social media page.

In one such video, he unveils the often-forgotten use for the inactive button found on a seatbelt, which seems pointless to some.

Although most encounter them every day, they seem to do nothing so many assume their function is simply stylistic or structural.

The social media user’s video, however, reveals the truth.

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Speaking in the TikTok video, he said: “The little button on your seatbelt is to stop the buckle from going past it. So it will always be in the right spot when you go to buckle it up.”

This pearl of wisdom makes the modern seatbelt’s design even more impressive, improving motorists’ efficiency as they buckle up.

The video, which has raked in over 4.5 million views and 900 comments, has been met with a mixed response from TikTok users.

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    Some commenters had their eyes opened and were amazed by the revelation, with one saying it “blew their mind”. Another wrote: “Wow! I never knew!!”

    However, some already-enlightened users were dumbfounded that fellow TikTok users were not aware of its function, commenting as such.

    One such comment read: “Seatbelt one is pretty obvious ngl.”

    Meanwhile, another said: “Everybody knew about the seatbelt one.”

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