‘My entitled neighbour wants to bring her baby to my home every day for six months’

A new mother who had just bought a house made an unusual request of her new neighbour – leading some to question “what she’s been smoking”.

It’s important to help your neighbours in times of need – but sometimes they can cross a line.

That was the case for one woman, who was left “blindsided” by a “shocking request”. She has found herself in a war of words with her neighbour after she made a hugely demanding ask after finding herself surrounded by building works.

The homeowner, who lives with her husband with their two cats, was approached by Nancy, who is a parent to a three-month-old baby. She explained how every house in the neighbourhood was a new build “within the last year”.

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Nancy had become concerned about noise levels after she and her husband also bought one of the new homes across the road, and construction started next door.

The beleaguered woman wrote: “There is a lot of noise Mon-Fri, from 7am to 4pm.

“Surprisingly the streets are very wide, and I don’t really hear any of it on my side. I work from home three days a week.

“Nancy came to my house yesterday evening and asked me if she and her baby can spend the days at my house during those hours?”

After politely declining the request to have another woman she had just met and her newborn baby round every single day for six months, Nancy accused her of not being neighbourly.

“Nancy said I was quite a bit of an ass,” she said. “Said she didn’t want to ask other neighbours because they were elderly, or single young guys, and she did not want to bother them, but felt it was okay to bother me.”

She explained how normally she would try and help – but some requests were just too much.

“I would never expect this of a neighbour,” she said, “or make such a request ever. Maybe if it was an emergency for a day or two, but for six months?”

After sharing her story to Reddit, many agreed that the request was a bizarre one – and that it could even be a sign that Nancy would only continue to ask favours of the homeowner.

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One said: “So, she wouldn’t want to bother the guys, or the elderly couple, but it makes all kinds of sense to her to completely tank your work life for six months? I mean, what could YOU possibly doing that is so important?”

Another added: “Man, I love when people hold up big signs that say: ‘You Will Regret Letting Me in Your Life’ – It makes things much easier”.

While a third said: “It’s ‘not very neighborly’ to not let someone practically live at your place rent free for six months? I want some of what Nancy is smoking.”

Offering advice for the potential fallout, another commenter added: “Let her stomp her foot and pout. You owe her nothing and if she decided to complain to the other neighbours about it, you can tell them about her ridiculous request. If you do this, you are going to be that kids daycare. For life.”

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