Woman spots two ‘ghosts’ in holiday photo from 19 years ago

A woman shared a spooky snap on Facebook and explained she took it 19 years ago while on holiday – she only noticed the ghostly figures when she got home.

A woman has been left utterly convinced that she captured two ghosts in a photograph taken during a holiday 19 years ago.

Kata Hajdu took to the Ghosts Caught On Camera group on Facebook to share her eerie experience, revealing that the mysterious image was snapped on a trip to Tunisia when she was just 24-years-old.

Accompanied by her then-partner, Kata recounted how they had decided to stay up late at their hotel.

In the quiet of the night, she felt compelled to photograph the hotel’s architecture, not realising at the time that the pictures might hold more than just memories.

In her post, Kata explained: “I was on holiday with my ex and we stayed up late. There was NOONE around, and I really liked the hotel, so I took some pictures of it. I had a little digital camera, and I saw nothing special in its little screen, only when we got home and uploaded the picture on the computer.”

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The photo in question features a grand staircase where, chillingly, a white apparition seems to ascend the steps. Kata reckons a second ghostly figure can also be seen behind it, partially obscured by a column, with only its “head” peeking out.

She even provided zoomed-in shots to highlight these otherworldly visitors. Concluding her post, Kata wrote: “I have never shown this to anyone but my close friends and family, and I think it’s time… so I hope you enjoy.”

People were quick to react, with several suggesting Kata had indeed caught a glimpse of the paranormal. One comment read: “I never comment on these but it sure looks like you caught something. Well done.”

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Another remarked: “Certainly looks like an apparition.” While a third said: “It’s one of those strange photos which definitely has a spooky feel to it.”

There were some who said they could only spot the first, more obvious figure. One comment read: “I can only see one ghost (if it’s a ghost) and that is the white one.”


    And some weren’t convinced at all. One sceptic said: “Often when people say that there was no one there, they don’t recall anyone being there, with people who have either entered a shot without being noticed or a photo being snapped just as someone was exiting their field of view.

    “With a photo taken in low light and with a digital camera from two decades ago, motion blur becomes far more likely. It’s a ghost image due to motion blur but it’s not a ghost.”

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