You have 20/20 vision if you can find the empty battery in less than 17 seconds

Brainteasers are a great way to pass the time and test the mind to its limits through a series of tests.

Brainteasers are a great way to push the mind to its limits and give it some much-needed exercise. There are several types of brainteasers, analytical, observational and mathematical.

Analytical brainteasers ask you to solve a puzzle or a riddle while mathematical brainteasers ask you to solve a maths equation. Meanwhile, observational brainteasers such as the one above task you with finding an anomaly in an image.

This brainteaser from The Electric Car Scheme, asks you to find the one empty battery in a sea of other batteries with at least some charge in them.

The key to solving this brainteaser in under 17 seconds is to quickly scan from left to right or top to bottom each battery to find the one which is completely empty and in need of charge. According to the people behind the brainteaser, the fastest someone has solved it is six seconds.


    Did you spot the answer? No worries if not, the answer is above. The completely empty battery is third from the right in the ninth row.

    This brainteaser comes at a time when the automotive industry is in a great flux as more and more people sell their petrol car and buy an electric car.

    However, not everyone is pleased about the electric evolution. One leading expert has said that it is fair for electric car drivers to start paying the same level of car taxes as petrol or diesel car drivers.

    Speaking to the Express, Director of Policy and Campaigns at the Campaign for Better Transport Silviya Barrett said: “We know that taxation of electric vehicles is something that the Treasury will need to look at if it is to make good on its statement that vehicle taxation will need to keep in line with what it is at the moment in terms of revenue.”

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