You have eyes like a hawk if you can spot five differences

Puzzlers who attempt this tricky challenge can spend their bank holiday testing their wits.

Bank holiday might be most people’s perfect day to relax, especially as part of a three-day weekend, but the day off also provides an opportunity to try something new.

A puzzle is one activity that would appropriately fit the bill, with one, in particular, likely to give those attempting the activity a challenge.

One asks people to spot the difference between two pictures, and it comes with an adjustable difficulty.

People are presented with a busy scene showing a group of friends who all appear to be watching a football match.

They must then look at a nearly identical picture that comes with several subtle differences they will need eyes like a hawk to spot.

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The puzzle, created by Ticket-Compare ahead of the June 1 Champion’s League Final, requires people to find five differences.

The scene shows give friends sitting together on a sofa, with one holding a flag, one a selfie stick, and one a pint of beer.

They all sit in front of a TV screen and behind a table on which sit snacks and bottles.

While most people will be understandably drawn to the centre of the scene, many of the differences are scattered all around.

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Those who had no trouble spotting each of them can ramp up the challenge with a time limit. recommends that people limit themselves to just half a minute – 30 seconds.

Those who struggle with or without the minute-long timer can find the answers below.


    The differences in the second picture are as follows:

    – The detail on the left sofa rest is more angled and facing left

    – A wall panel next to the man in white and blue is missing

    – The woman’s flag is reversed

    – The badge on the man in yellow’s top is different

    – The man in red is missing his right shoe

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