Only those with 20/20 vision can spot the hidden hat in less than 13 seconds

The new puzzle created by VegasSlotsOnline challenges players to spot the hidden hat in the festival-themed picture.

Those who can spot the hidden bucket hat in this new brainteaser have 20/20 vision.The new puzzle created by VegasSlotsOnline challenges players to spot the hidden hat in the festival-themed picture which is aimed at getting players in the spirit for a summer of live music.

Those playing should set a timer for 13 seconds as competing against the clock can help to focus the mind and sharpen decision-making.

One tip for those struggling to find the hat is to break the image down into sections and then scan each one. Another tip is to check around the tents as the hat has been left close to one of them.

For those who give up, the answer is circled in the picture below.

This puzzle is an example of an observational brainteaser, one of three main types of brainteasers. Observational brainteasers are complex graphics and images that ask users to spot an anomaly within.

The two other most common types of brainteasers are analytical and mathematical brainteasers.

Analytical brainteasers very often pose a written riddle or puzzle that the user has to solve as quickly as possible. Mathematical brainteasers on the other hand take the form of complex maths-based questions.

No matter what form brainteasers take, they are a great way to stimulate the mind and give the brain a workout.

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