Apple laptop spontaneously combusted

Apple laptop spontaneously combusted

Apple laptop spontaneously combusted

A Reddit user told about his Apple laptop, which spontaneously caught fire and almost caused a house fire. The story of a MacBook Pro owner is published on the site.

The author, under the nickname Squeezieful, stated that the computer was on the bed in sleep mode and was charging from the mains. The user, who was sleeping nearby, at some point smelled an unpleasant odor and woke up. The owner of the device grabbed the MacBook Pro, which resulted in minor burns to the palms of his hands, and threw it to the floor. According to a Reddit visitor, the burnt device set fire to the bed and ruined the carpet.

Apple laptop slightly injured its owner and nearly caused a house fire

Squeezieful noted that the 2015 MacBook Pro slightly injured him and nearly caused a house fire. Apparently, the fire was caused by the battery. The owner of the computer appealed to Apple’s support.

According to several commenters, the American company is sure to take the side of the user and admit the problem. A user nicknamed humdinger8733 reported that he used to work as an Apple technical support employee: “Most likely, it will replace the burned laptop with one of the new models.”

Earlier this year, Apple acknowledged the Belkin Portable Wireless Charger+ Stand Special Edition charger as potentially dangerous. The company explained that a defect was found in the device, which could lead to its overheating.

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