iPhone: described a way to spy on an “off” smartphone


ZecOps specialists have described a way to spy on iPhone owners

ZecOps experts have tested a virus that allows recording video from Apple iPhone cameras and spying on its owner. This is reported on the organization’s website.

Experts from the security company have created the NoReboot program to study iPhone hacking mechanisms. The virus utility gets permanent access to the smartphone’s camera and microphone and can transmit data to another device. A distinctive feature of the program is the ability to simulate the shutdown of the device.

Specialists said that when activated, the program intercepts the control of the smartphone. When a user tries to turn off a phone with the NoReboot virus installed on it, the iPhone simulates this process. The utility displays a standard animation on the screen and then shuts down the display. At the same time, the program continues to record video and sound.

The danger of NoReboot also lies in the fact that no warning indicators appear on the screen during video recording. During normal operation with the camera turned on, a dot of green is shown at the top of the iPhone display. ZecOps experts concluded that smartphones can spy on their owner even with the screen turned off.

Earlier, ZecOps experts created a Trojan that mimics the process of shutting down an Apple smartphone. In the case when the user gives a command to iPhone to turn off, the virus program imitates this process without actually turning off the phone.

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