Spare parts for special machinery in the Telegram Supergroup

Spare parts for special machinery in the Telegram Supergroup

Spare parts for special machinery in the Telegram Supergroup

A relevant question in our times, for all owners of specialised equipment, where you can now find spare parts for your excavators and bulldozers, and even for ordinary trucks of imported production, not to mention rare, exclusive models of equipment, given the fact that many well-known foreign manufacturers have left the Russian market…

Of course, official dealers help their customers in any way they can, but frankly speaking, prices have become simply cosmic.

In such a situation, the only way out is for all those who have accumulated the knowledge to repair such equipment and use it on their sites to join forces and help each other. And as it turns out, such an opportunity already exists! A community has been created on Telegram and its members are actively helping each other. Someone has spare parts in stock, and someone needs them urgently, and as practice shows, in our time it is important to be able to find each other very quickly and be useful! And then it’s a question of technology, you can even barter, or just make a purchase and sale, and that’s it, the goal is achieved! The machine is up and running, making a profit for its owner, and the part is no longer a dead weight in the warehouse! You can join this community in the Telegram application:

We have used the services of this service more than once, even when it was just a website, a bulletin board: куплюзапчасти.рф

However, with the appearance of the group on Telegram, the audience was given a new lease of life and it became possible to solve almost any question about spare parts even faster.

I am glad that this group is constantly developing, uniting and bringing together people with a special interest in special equipment and spare parts for it.

The group has admins who are constantly in touch, and if there are questions and misunderstandings about how and what to do when interacting with people in the group, they are always quick to give advice, which can only be appreciated.

And now, with the advent of bots specifically designed for this community, it has become even more semi-automated. Group rules, links to the bots and how to contact the administrators can be found in the profile description.

Join us and be the first to solve the important operational tasks that face us today.

Success and development can be wished to all those involved in the creation of such a group, and its participants, fruitful transactions, and that the technology will always be in operation and bring profit.

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