WordPress Multilingual Plugin Guide

WordPress Multilingual Plugin Guide

Are you struggling to attract the target audience to your website? Is your website only in English and not in the language of your target audience? How bad it sounds that your visitors have to use google translator for your website. But, no need to worry;WordPress multilingual plugin is here to the rescue!

Did you know that 72% of website visitors spend more time on the website in their native language?

You are here because you must be searching forhow to translate your WordPress site content with the WordPress translation plugin. When you translate your website, you can surprisinglyattract a new or old audience without additional efforts. Also, you can enter the new markets by offering additional languages on your website.

But, just for your information, the WP multilingual plugin needs to be installed on your WP website to achieve a whole translated interface. Additionally, many excellent plugins of the WPMultilang plugin let you add and use multiple languages.
In this article, we’ll be discovering all the characteristics of the multilingual WordPress plugin to make your website viable.

WordPress Multilingual Plugin

Before jumping into how to use the WordPress translation plugin, you must know what it’s exactly and how it can be built on the WP site? This plugin of WordPress is an amazing and easy way to translate your site into different languages. You can include the translated content to the posts, pages, menus, widgets, taxonomies, and custom posts. Basically, this plugin cantranslate one content into multiple languages. It can automatically send users to their native language. Plus, users can select the language according to their region or preferred language. Now, let your audience browse the content and switch languages easily with themultilingual WordPress plugin!

So, how you can create your personalized multilingual website with this plugin?
To create a website with thisWP multilingual plugin, developers use various approaches. The first way lets you translate the content manually into your wanted language but with a human translator’s help. This means you have to hire them. The second technique doesn’t create a multilingual site but uses the machine translation on your existing content using auto-translation services like Google.

But, recently,Google translate has stopped working with thislanguage switcher plugin on the new accounts. Developers/users of WordPress are now switching to free or paid options, which are not offering good quality translation. That’s why manually translating the content can be a better way to maintain the quality of your site content with this multilingual WordPress plugin.

Multilingual Plugin

There are many WordPress translation plugins available on the WP stores. While translating the website, various key features are considered crucial by WordPress developers. These are the attributes you should look for when buying the WPMultilingual plugin:

Languages Available

You must be wondering why we are highlighting this when this feature is obvious and necessity?You might not know that not every multilingual WordPresssupports the language you want on your website.

Each plugin can handle a 60-100+ numberrange of languages. If you are buying a plugin that supports alimited number of languages, you may be doing wrong. Your current scenario can be quite different from the future scenario. So, when buying, think of a long-term plan. Your visitors may need different languages on your website in future or even now. So, try to purchase a multilingual WordPress plugin that offers a great number of languages.

Machine Translation Supported

Choose a WP Multilang plugin that supports machine translation as a planned part. The machine language sounds horrible compared to the manual language, but many plugins are improving this feature’s accuracy. This machine feature makes your translation even easier, provides you with a first layer of the translation and let you launch the website instantly.

If the machine language feature is good in the plugin, you don’t need to make even small changes. Try to look for the plugin that takes care of both displaying side and translation of the website, making the process quicker and smoother.

Translation Management

It’s equally important inthe WordPress translation plugin to manage and edit that translation, like getting machine translation even better when the plugins offer you collaborative options like letting you add the teammates and getting a professional translator option in one interface.


You are done with the translation of the website successfully. What’s next? You are translating the website to help your visitors, but is it reachable in the new markets? To reach the maximum audience, make sure you select theWPMultilingual plugin that takes care of SEO.

Easy to Install

This point is crucial while choosing the multilingual WordPress plugin. Make sure you are buying the plugin that takes minutes to install and make your life easier; what’s better if the plugin doesn’t require you to contact the developer or coding. This way, you can setup the plugin by yourself.

Best Multilingual Plugins for Your Business


This WPMLWooCommerce multilingual is one of the famous translation plugins in the market. The reason is a powerful management system featuring the auto-translation of content any time, plugins, themes and a lot more. This plugin comes with an easy-to-use interface to manage multilingual content and add translations. Also, it supports all the taxonomies, port types, strings and custom field made on your WP theme and plugin.

In addition, with this WooCommerce multilingual,you are getting the CMS licensing plans and multilingual blog. These things can help you out in page builder support, managing translation teams, custom fields, e-commerce and other features.

• Translate Press

Translate Press is one of the full-fledgedWooCommerce multilingualpluginsto translate every function of your website. The main feature allows you to translate the front-end directly. Another striking quality of this plugin is easily switchable languages and live preview altering instantly. You can easily translate the content, plugins, theme and meta-tag without modifying the interface. Also, use the manual and machine translation both with translate press.

WordPress Multilingual Plugin Guide

• Polylang Pro

Another popular WordPress multilingual pluginis a developers’ choice. Polylang Pro is not compatible with the machine translation and workable on the manual translation. It can help you build a multilingual or bilingual site easily. This plugin’s striking function is to focus on the display part of the website so you can have a proper multilingual WP website without multiple duplicate website pages. The best part you can enjoy the translation of the pages, posts, categories, menus, post tags, widgets, custom post types and taxonomies even in the free version.

Free multilingual WordPress Plugin

The above options are the best in the market, and even some of their features are free. But if you are looking to get the most features for free for your multilingual website, you can select the below options.

• Weglot Translate

Weglot translate is the easiest free WooCommerce multilingualtranslator available for your WordPress website. It can easily translate all the content into any language and offers a one-stop dashboard to outsource the professional translator and edit on your own. This plugin ensures that translation is of the highest quality without a need for coding.

• WP Globus

How about getting the SEO feature with your multilingual plugin for free? With WP Globus, add one or several languages, switch the administrator interface and language at the front end. You can get the most used features for free in this WordPress translation plugin and even top features at the lowest prices.

• Loco Translate

The Loco Translate offers integration with the automatic translation and built-in translation editor within the WP admin. With this WP multilang plugin, you can create and update the files directly in your plugin/theme. There is no need to code in this free multi-language plugin, and there is a protected language directory for the custom translations.

• Google Website Translator

What’s better than Google itself if you are searching for a free yet reliable multilingual WordPress plugin? This WP plugin is very easy to install and can be understandable by anyone. You can select the available languages for free and choose the 3 inline and 4 tabbed styles in this plugin. Use it as a shortcode or widget; it won’t impact the page loads at all. Also, you can export/import the setting to easily transmit the configurations.

WordPress Multilingual Plugin Guide
WordPress Multilingual Plugin Guide

If you really want to survive and thrive in a competitive environment, you must consider using the multilingual SEO plugin WordPress. Customization and personalization is what every customer/user need nowadays. We have created this easy blog guide to offer you all the knowledge you must look for while purchasing the WP multilingual plugin. Now, it’s up to you to get the plugin multilingual WordPress freeor paid.

However, if you are looking to buy the premium multilingual SEO plugin WordPress, you can easily purchase from us. We have a range of WP plugins created by professionals with over tenyears of experience that can help you enhance your business, such as corporate website themes WordPress, e-commerce WP themes, multipurpose and blog themes.

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