An Italian couple was saved from a landslide that buried their house thanks to their two cats. Cats woke people up with their unexpected noise in the middle of the night.

When Sabrina Pellegrini and her husband Claudio Piana went to bed the day before in their old house in the commune of Campo Ligure, there was a heavy rain on the street. But no one assumed that a natural disaster would erupt here.

“My wife got out of bed at night, because our two cats Simba and Mose woke up and made a lot of noise. My wife came up to them and saw that they were playing with a piece of plaster falling from the ceiling. And then she saw a huge gap on the ceiling. There were cracks and crevices on the walls, too. “

As it turned out, while the couple were sleeping, heavy rains caused flooding in the area, which washed away the bridge, and also caused landslides. One of these landslides hit the house of Pellegrini and Pian at night. By the time the cats woke them up, the house was still miraculously standing still.

Realizing that they were about to be buried under the wreckage, the couple began to get out of the house, which was given to them with great difficulty. And when they came out, then all the approaches to the car standing next to the house were littered with dirt. Fortunately, there were firefighters nearby and they helped their spouses get on the road.

“And soon my brother called me and said that our two-story house had finally collapsed,” says Piana.
“Now we have nothing left and firefighters say that we should not even approach the remains of the house, as this is dangerous. Fortunately, Simba and Mose were also saved. “

Now the couple and their cats have found shelter in a small house of their friends, which has long been offered to them as a summer residence, but they hardly lived in it. Now it will be their permanent new home.


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