Rules for choosing french bulldog puppies

Rules for choosing french bulldog puppies

Rules for choosing french bulldog puppies
Rules for choosing french bulldog puppies

Where to buy?

Buying a French Bulldog today is quite simple. This breed is widespread, puppies are sold both from hands and in kennels and dog clubs. The site of the store has a large catalog where they put up frenchies for sale.

How to choose newborns?

When choosing a small puppy, you need to pay attention to his behavior, state of health, and before that decide what gender and class the dog needs.


The price of a puppy directly depends on the class to which it belongs. You can buy a French bulldog exclusively for home use, or you can buy a high-breed dog to participate in exhibitions or a female for further breeding. There are three classes of French Bulldogs:

Pet is class. These are individuals that, in appearance and character, correspond to the breed, but have a number of shortcomings, which does not give them the opportunity to participate in exhibitions and in breeding. For example, malocclusion, marriage in color or quality of wool. In fact, they are just pets. Puppies of this class are cheaper than others – 200 – 350 dollars.
Breed is class. These are dogs that meet the standards, can be shown, but due to some features in appearance, they will not receive high marks. This mainly includes bitches, since this class is used for breeding. These French Bulldogs can litter future champions. They cost 400 – 1200 dollars.
Show – class or top – show – class. These are the best of the breed. They have excellent breed characteristics. They are able to win championship titles at exhibitions, they are the elite, and therefore they are more expensive than others – from $ 1,200 and more.

What is the best age to take a dog?

French bulldog puppies sale at an early age – even up to a month and a half, puppies are ready for separation from their mother. During this period, they will cost less, since the breeder spends less on maintenance, but you need to remember that this is risky: pets are susceptible to diseases, they need to be closely monitored, protected from external influences until the necessary vaccination is carried out. One and a half month old French Bulldogs are being vaccinated, puppies already know how to eat on their own, they are adapted to moving and are ready to socialize in a new family.

But to determine the nature of the dog at this age is not so simple. Therefore, for safety net, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises (the dog is hyperactive or, conversely, lazy and melancholy), you can choose a grown individual. At the age of six months, French Bulldogs have already formed outwardly and show character. Many experienced dog breeders recommend buying just such puppies for the first time.


Where to watch bulldog frances for sale – the matter is not very troublesome, its success will depend on an accurate understanding of what the dog is for. Puppies of this breed are very friendly to humans, they are ideal companions and true friends, easy to keep even in small apartments.

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