How to make your own beer

How to make your own beer

Beer is a low alcohol drink. The classic recipe for its preparation is based on four ingredients – barley malt, water, hops and brewer’s yeast.

It is impossible to give a brief description of the technological process of beer production. In industrial conditions, it lasts from several weeks to several months, depending on the variety and the method of preparation of the ingredients. The maximum duration is 4 months. The main stages of preparation:

  • preparation of ingredients
  • wort boiling,
  • fermentation and maturation of beer,
  • filtration and bottling.

Even the smallest mistakes in the preparation of its components or technology can affect the quality of the drink. The beer production process requires a responsible approach and compliance with all requirements.

Barley for malt must be germinated and dried in a timely manner, then crushed with a special mill that destroys the structure of the grain, but not its shell.
Drinking water is used with the appropriate level of salts. Before the start of production, its physicochemical and organoleptic properties are checked, the proportion of salts in its composition is determined.

The taste and aroma of the drink depends on the quality of hops, this component is responsible for foaming, its chemical analogues do not exist, that is, nothing can replace hops. Buy food ingredients you can find on the ANAX website

The technological process of beer production implies the mandatory presence of yeast in the composition. For different varieties of the final product, different types of yeast are used – top or bottom fermenting.

How to make your own beer
How to make your own beer

Homemade beer

To brew beer with your own hands, you will need a pot with a capacity of at least 25 liters with a tap at the bottom. Through it it will be convenient to drain the raw materials. It is convenient to control the temperature of the drink using a special thermometer, and for filtering you can use ordinary gauze folded in 10-15 layers.

Malt, hops and yeast for brewing beer at home can be purchased at specialized retail outlets. Experts do not recommend experimenting with cheap types of yeast and making malt yourself.
Technology identical to the factory:

  • malt in a gauze bag is placed in water heated to 80 ° C,
  • 1.5 hours the temperature of the solution is maintained within 67-72˚С,
  • then the composition is again heated to 80˚ for 5-7 minutes,
  • the bag of malt is removed from the pan, its contents are brought to a boil,
  • as soon as the beer boils, they begin to introduce hops – in four doses, with an interval of 15 minutes,
  • the finished wort needs to be cooled quickly – within half an hour, strain three times,
  • brewer’s yeast diluted in a small amount of warm water is introduced into the composition, the container is closed with a lid with a water seal.

The next step is fermentation. It will start in 6 hours and will last from 2 to 4 days. On the surface of the finished homemade beer there are no bubbles characteristic of fermentation. If during the day the beer does not ferment, you can pour it into containers, after adding sugar to them – 80 g per 1 liter.

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