The tiny infant was thought to be just a few hours old when she was found by locals who called emergency services in north-eastern Thailand

    The baby was found just a few hours old (Image: ViralPress)

    A newborn baby girl has been found naked under a tree as a desperate search was launched to find her mother.

    The small tot was heard crying by a local as she was walking along the side of a field in Nakhon Ratchasima, northeastern Thailand on Monday morning.

    Punyaphat Rakkratok picked up the baby girl, believed to be just a few hours old, and wrapped her in a blue sports jacket she had with her.

    She said: "I followed the sound until I found its source. It was a baby girl who had just been abandoned."

    The rescue team examined the girl and suspected that she was only a few hours old due to the fresh blood and amniotic fluid on her body.

    The baby was naked when she was found alone
    (Image: ViralPress)

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    They rushed her to the hospital for a check up.

    Police said they have reported the incident and asked residents to come forward with information in the hopes of finding the baby girl's mother.

    Police Major Arthit Poontaisong said: "The spot where the baby was found is a remote area so there's probably no eyewitness.

    Punyaphat Rakkratok shows where the baby was lying
    (Image: ViralPress)

    "Initially, we booked the incident for further investigation and also announced to the nearby village that we are in need of information."

    Just days earlier, also in Thailand, an American expat found an abandoned newborn on the side of the road, again just a few hours old.

    Eric Ransdell was walking home when he heard the baby crying from a pile of rubbish near his flat in Chiang Mai.

    He searched the area and discovered the girl — who was just hours old and still had her umbilical cord attached — covered with a black and red cotton blanket next to old tyres.

    The child was rushed to a hospital where she was admitted to intensive care and is now recovering while police try to identify her mother.

    Eric, who has visited the girl in the hospital after finding her last Thursday, said she is a "very lucky baby".



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