Pandemic is no reason to abandon prevention


Pandemic is no reason to abandon prevention

son: in the USA, more than 90% of cases of RMW are diagnosed at the first to second stage, 98% of patients survive

After the pandemic, doctors are waiting for a surge in cancer. This is primarily due to the suspension of preventive examinations for the period of self-isolation.

However, there are rumors among the people that breast cancer rates have already jumped sharply and this was the result of not the absence of an opportunity to undergo medical examination at all, but… increased beam load. Like, CT lungs were done literally to all patients, many not even once. So, people received a fair amount of radiation, which is fraught with oncology. This myth is literally ubiquitous. But doctors are not tired of repeating: the dose of radiation in modern computer tomographs is negligible and in no way can provoke oncological processes.Pandemic
However, doctors warn that breast cancer continues to be the most common malignancy among women.
Every year, doctors identify about 1.7 million new cases, more than 500 thousand women in the world die from this disease, of which 23 thousand in Russia. This means that every 22 seconds one of the women learns about her terrible diagnosis, and every 5 minutes three patients die from it. Every year, more than 60 thousand Russians make such a diagnosis, about a million residents of the country are observed with RMW by specialists.
The main risk factor for this disease is age: the older the woman, the higher the likelihood of his development. The maximum peak incidence begins after 50. Under 30 years of age, 1 case is detected for 2,500 women, 40-49 years of age – 1 case for 50 women, 50-69 years – 1 case for 36 women. Among Pandemic women over 70 years of age, the risk level rises to 1 case per 15. If there were cases of this disease in your family, especially on the maternal side, you need to show increased anxiety. In addition, there are inherited genetic mutations, but it must be borne in mind that there are only 6-8% inherited cancers.
In America, it is believed that about every 8th woman is at risk of breast cancer, we have every 15th-17th. The reason is as an ongoing diagnosis. So, in our country, only 20-30% of those who must undergo a mammogram pass it. As a result: 40% of cases of RMW are detected at the initiated third or fourth stage. That is why it remains the main cause of mortality of women of childbearing return (35-55 years old) in the country, about half of the cases die. For comparison: in the USA, more than 90% of cases of RMW are diagnosed at the first to second stage, 98% of patients survive

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