Plasmolifting (prp-therapy): how does it work?

Plasmolifting (prp-therapy): how does it work?

Plasmolifting (prp-therapy): how does it work?

Plasmolifting (prp-therapy) is one of the newest methods in the field of cosmetology, an injection procedure involving subcutaneous injection of a patient’s own blood plasma enriched with platelets. Abroad, the method is called PRP therapy. Platelets are known to contain growth factors responsible not only for blood clotting, but also for the growth and regeneration of young tissue.

They say that everything new is well forgotten old. One can’t help but think of such a famous method as autohemotherapy, when the patient’s own blood taken from the ulnar vein was injected intramuscularly to gently and safely stimulate the body’s immune defence system. The idea of stimulating the body’s regenerative potential with autologous blood was further developed in the method of plasmolifting, patented in 2004.


For the plasma therapy procedure, blood is drawn from a patient’s vein into PRP Tubes, which is processed by centrifugation to prepare platelet-enriched plasma. It is ready to be injected 10 minutes after processing. The platelets contained in it are blood cells, which form the blood’s ability to clot, as well as affecting the body’s natural repair processes. Protein molecules, which are platelet-derived growth factors, can regulate cell growth and accelerate cell division.

In addition, the plasma concentrate contains hormones, enzymes, and vitamins that can enhance the restorative and rejuvenating effect. Further, the technique of the procedure is no different from the biorevitalization, when the drug is introduced using a special thin mesotherapeutic needles by microinjection intradermal in the face, neck, neck, scalp.

Maximum safety is one of the undeniable advantages of plasma therapy. Due to the fact that plasma is part of the blood itself, it is not a source of allergic reactions and foreign substances for the body.

Plasmolifting (prp-therapy): how does it work?
Plasmolifting (prp-therapy): how does it work?


Plazmolifting procedure is suitable for patients with age-related changes, helps to improve the skin quality and texture, to restore tone and turgor, to get a more even complexion and a fresh look, reduce the severity of mimic and static wrinkles, as well as fine lines. The procedure also helps to reduce scars, scars, stretch marks, and improve their appearance.

The anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties of platelet-rich plasma help relieve pain symptoms and significantly accelerate the healing process after laser therapy (resurfacing, fractional thermolysis) or chemical peelings.

Injections of platelet-rich plasma from Plasmolifting PRP Tubes into the scalp stimulate cell growth at the base of the hair, as well as microcirculation in the scalp. Plasma therapy is indicated in the complex treatment of alopecia (hair loss), can be used to prevent hair loss and thinning, stimulate hair growth and improve hair quality.


Despite the fact that the plasma therapy procedure is simple, minimally invasive and safe, it still has contraindications. They include cancer, herpes with active manifestations, infectious diseases, menstruation, pregnancy, susceptibility to bleeding, taking medications that promote blood thinning, chronic diseases in decompensation, immunodeficiency states, mental and neurotic disorders.


Should within a week after the procedure, to protect the face from the effects of ultraviolet light and water, not to visit during this period, the sauna, swimming pool, solarium, not to conduct massages and cosmetic procedures.

After the procedure, the injection sites may have small bruises, which themselves disappear in a few days.


A course of plasma therapy usually consists of four procedures. They are carried out at intervals of up to two weeks twice a year.

To summarize, we can conclude that autologous plasma enriched with platelets, is a simple and safe method due to the regenerative and healing properties of platelets. Since the preparation is obtained from the patient’s own blood, it is natural and the risk of adverse reactions is minimized. If you are interested in this procedure, you can contact PRP-shop for more information and materials.

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