Floods. Which of them are the strongest ?


The worst floods were most often found in Asia. Over the past two years, there has been a lot of rain in the territories of Japan and China. Many rivers have overflowed their banks due to an overabundance of water. For this reason, many cities have suffered. Due to the strongest floods, many very significant and well-known buildings have suffered. For example, the ancient Chinese bridge of the Ming Dynasty.

The worst flood in China

It is believed that one of the strongest floods is a natural disaster in China. Which happened in 1931. According to scientists, only the Flood was stronger than him. However, in official historical documents, this one was indicated as the strongest flood.

There were plenty of reasons for the flood. The main one is too snowy winter in early 1931. When spring came and the snow began to melt, the rivers filled up too quickly with excess water. In addition to this, for a long time those lands were subjected to heavy rains. This led to the fact that at the end of summer the rivers began to overflow their banks. The city of Nanjing was overtaken by water very quickly. Her strength was so great that nothing could stop her. Even the dams collapsed, towards the end of the month.

The water carried a lot of infectious diseases. People died by the thousands. However, not only from flooding, but also from typhus, cholera, and other diseases. In some places, the water remained for up to six months. People were left without food, their homes, and most importantly, treatment. In this regard, there have been a lot of cases of cannibalism. Since the Chinese authorities were focused on the war that was being waged at that time. Volunteers from other countries helped people. Not infrequently there were cases when food was handed to them on planes. However, it was not possible to take people out of dangerous areas. However, after a while, people still managed to rebuild the destroyed architecture and gradually adjust their lives.

Natural disaster in St. Petersburg

This city has experienced quite a lot of floods in its history. However, the flood in 1824 was the most widespread. Residents are used to constantly bad weather, so until the last moment they did not notice anything unusual. It all started with an abnormally strong wind. Who even managed to destroy some buildings by morning. Neva literally changed its direction. The water level in the river has risen significantly.

People began to understand the magnitude of the tragedy when the water began to destroy the city. She knocked out the windows of the lower floors, destroyed people’s property. The natural disaster did not last long. Only 7 or 8 hours. However, it managed to inflict many injuries. Due to the fact that the weather began to change and it became a little colder, the water began to go away.

Flood in Dayton

In 1913, America had a series of floods. Again, the reason was weather conditions. The winter was quite rainy and the ground was wet. At the beginning of spring, the rains began again. They especially intensified in Kentucky. Heavy torrential rains continued for several days without ceasing. And Dayton became the very center of a natural disaster. Over time, there was a lot of water. The dams could not withstand such a load and the city was flooded. There were quite a few dead.

A big wave rose and demolished all the buildings on its way. The flood started in the middle of the day. For this reason, many families were far from each other. People died not only from numerous drownings, but also from hypothermia. As already mentioned, a catastrophe occurred in early spring. The situation improved after a few months. And only by the following year people gradually began to renew and rebuild the city.

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