Nasal drops are addictive

Nasal drops
Nasal drops

Nasal drops actually cause addiction in many people. This problem is quite common in the modern world. Since a large number of people use such drugs.

What kind of substances cause addiction ?


With constant or too frequent use of nasal drops, which include such substances, the result becomes addictive. It is much easier to cope with such a problem with the help of doctors. Such a seemingly harmless problem, in fact, greatly affects the vessels of the brain.

What is the danger of nasal drops ?

Drops for vasoconstriction are a short-acting drug. Which is used for a cold or a simple runny nose. In order to simplify breathing. They act quickly, which is why they are in great demand. However, after a fairly short time of use, a person will have an addiction. Due to the fact that the vessels will get used to, and narrow only after the drug acts on them. As time passes, the state of health will become more and more neglected. It will be necessary to increase the dosage of the drug, as the body begins to get used to it and ceases to act on a small number of nasal drops.

Symptoms of addiction

Runny nose with strong secretions.

Bad sleep or lack of it at all due to swelling in the nose.

The release of tears after taking the drug.

Dryness in the area of the punched zone. For example, in the nose or in the mouth.

Copious sneezing.

How to eliminate dependence on nasal drops ?

Mandatory treatment should be prescribed by a doctor. Self-medication can lead to more complex consequences. The same treatment should be performed based on the patient’s complaints. There is an individual way of treatment for each person.

The most good effect is provided by drugs:

With oil components.

Having a homeopathic effect.

Containing hormonal corticosteroids.

Help is provided by antihistamine solutions, sprays and drops that contain seawater. Within 3-5 days, vasoconstriction drops are gradually replaced with them. They do not cause swelling, dryness and restore the functioning of the nose.

Prevention of dependence on nasal drops

Prevention of nasal addiction is to limit the use of drops. Or completely eliminate the use. It is best to replace such drugs with softer ones, those that do not burn much and do not dry the nasal mucosa. You can get rid of this addiction by proper treatment. The main thing is to realize the problem and start getting rid of it.

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