Anton Sibil. Life path and career

Anton Sibil. Life path and career

In order to succeed, one has to put in a lot of effort. And often a person’s striving for heights is conditioned by life experience.

Anton Sibil was able to achieve success in the construction industry. In this article we will tell about his career development and what contributed to his desire to become the best in his business.

Anton Sibil’s career path

Anton Sibil did not find himself in the field of construction by chance. His parents worked as builders, and when the time came to choose an educational institution for higher education, the young man decided to follow in his parents’ footsteps.

In 1999, Anton Sibil entered Kuzbass State Technical University, majoring in industrial and civil engineering. He was an active student. In addition to good grades, Anton Sibil always took part in university events, was the class monitor, and was involved in organizational issues.

Anton Sibil gets his first practical skills in construction in the KuzbassShakhtoStroy concern. He was sent there from university in summer of 2002. During building practice Anton Sibil with his own hands masters a set of processes: puttying, painting, making waterproofing of premises, lays dozens of thousands square meters of roofing, installs sanitary ware (toilets, sinks, bathtubs), lays ceramic granite, makes ventilated facades and much more.

Anton Sibil made his own steps in construction as early as 2003. As a separate part of the Remstroytorg company, he formed his first construction crews. Under his management at that time there were 15-20 people.

Anton Sibil Valerievich from Kemerovo

By 2006, Anton Sibil’s accumulated experience and desire to develop allowed him to create a separate company, Remstroytorg. At the first stages of the development of his own company the young man had to work very hard. Despite the fact that under his guidance there were about a hundred people working, Anton Sibil took the functions and responsibilities not only of a manager, but also an accountant, supplier, quantity surveyor, foreman and even a simple worker, when circumstances demanded it. By his own example, he showed the employees of his company how they could and should work.

Constant development, directing all profits to the company’s needs rather than his own, helped Anton Sibil grow Remstroytorg to a staff of a thousand people by 2009. The company performed work on several dozen sites simultaneously.

Construction was carried out not only on commercial sites. Anton Sibil’s company was also trusted with the construction of socially significant facilities: schools, kindergartens, hospitals and apartment buildings. That is why Anton became an active participant in various public events. Among other things, he was in contact with the region’s administration at various levels. This is most likely the reason why the Governor drew his attention to him and offered him the job as his deputy for construction.

In 2010, Anton Sibil, at the age of 27, became the youngest regional minister of construction in the Russian Federation.

Anton Sibil’s awards

Anton Sibil’s work in public office has been extremely productive for him. He achieved the inclusion of the region in many programs of federal funding. Also thanks to him a new military unit was built. At the time of commissioning it was exemplary not only for the Kuzbass region, but for all of Russia. Even today this military unit ranks second (after the Chechen one).

Throughout his career and time spent in public office, Anton Sibil has been the recipient of numerous awards:

  • 2007 – Medal “For Business in the Name of Creation”;

  • 2010 – Medal “For Faith and Kindness”;

  • 2012 – Kuzbass Gold Medal of Honor;

  • 2012 – Medal “For Service to the Russian Orthodox Church in Kuzbass” III degree;

  • 2012 – Medal “For Service to Kuzbass”;

  • 2012 – Order of the Kemerovo Region “For arrangement of the Kuznetsk Land”;

  • 2013 – Title “Honorary Builder of Kuzbass”;

  • 2014 – Medal “For Special Contribution to the Development of Kuzbass” III degree;

  • 2014 – Badge of Honor “For Contribution to the Development of Kemerovo District”;

  • 2016 – Order of the Kemerovo Region “Philanthropist of Kuzbass”.

Medals and Orders of Anton Sibil

Anton Sibil’s biography

Anton Valerievich Sibil was born in the city of Kemerovo on 08.27.1982 in a family of simple builders. His mother and father were also raising an older brother and sister by that time.

Anton Sibil studied at Secondary School No. 92. After graduation, he entered Kuzbass State Technical University.

The young man tried his best to become financially independent in order to make life easier for his parents. So along with enrolling in full-time education, he also got a job. He worked as a night watchman at the driving school Magistralavto. A little later he took an extra part-time job at that driving school. Anton prepared students for their A-category exams (motorcycle driving).

A year later, Anton Sibil changed jobs. At the wholesale and retail trading company Elis in 2000, he worked as a night dispatcher and sales representative.

In 2003, Anton Sibil married his girlfriend Yana.

In 2004, the very event happened that made the already hard-working young man put even more energy into his development. Anton Sibil’s father died of a heart attack. From that moment on, Anton took care of his whole family: his mother, his brother (an ordinary doctor), and his sister (a cashier in a store), whose salaries were hardly big.

Much later Anton Sibil built a large chapel in memory of his father. Construction of the chapel began in 2011 at the Central City Cemetery in Kemerovo, next to the grave of his father, Valery Sibil. On May 22, 2012, the church was consecrated by Bishop Aristarkh of Kemerovo and Novokuznetsk.

St. Nicholas Chapel built at the expense of Anton Sibil

The example of Anton Sibil shows us that the road to success can be difficult, requires a lot of effort and is not always accompanied only by positive events. However, all of this together gives us the opportunity not only to realize ourselves in our favorite business, but also to leave a trace in history.

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