Brainteaser: Can you spot 3 mistakes in just 11 seconds?

The puzzle, created by Jagran Josh, challenges players to find the three mistakes in this office scene.

Those who can spot all of the mistakes in this new brainteaser in just 11 seconds are said to have eyes like a hawk.

The puzzle, created by Jagran Josh, challenges players to find the three mistakes in this office scene, which means the employees might not be as switched on as it seems.

Players should set a timer before beginning the tricky brainteaser as working under pressure can help people become better at recognising patterns and making connections.

For those struggling, one tip is to check the clothing of the employees is anyone wearing anything in the wrong way, and is anyone missing an item of clothing?

It is also worth checking the equipment they are using, is everyone working as hard as it seems?

One method which can help players solve these puzzles faster is to break the image down into sections and scan each one.

For those who give up, the answers are in the picture below.

This puzzle is an example of an observational brainteaser, one of three main types of brainteasers. Observational brainteasers are complex graphics and images that ask users to spot an anomaly within.

The two other most common types of brainteasers are analytical and mathematical brainteasers.

Analytical brainteasers very often pose a written riddle or puzzle that the user has to solve as quickly as possible. Mathematical brainteasers on the other hand take the form of complex maths-based questions.

No matter what form brainteasers take, they are a great way to stimulate the mind and give the brain a workout.

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