Man’s strange discovery after entering attic for first time

A man has shared a series of snaps of his bizarre discovery after entering his home’s attic for the first time. The bloke shared the sight in a post on Reddit.

A home owner has been left baffled after climbing into his attic for the first time.

Sharing snaps of his bizarre discovery to Reddit’s Weird subreddit, he penned: “Went into my attic for the first time, wasn’t expecting to find this.”

The images showed several curtains hanging from bars attached to the loft’s joists, with two large floral drapes positioned in front of a number of pale pink ones behind them.

The unusual find prompted fellow Reddit users to speculate the reason behind te curtains’ placement, with one woman explaining: “My mum used to do this. She’d store the curtains by hanging them from the ceiling in storage room so they wouldn’t wrinkle. This was when people changed curtains seasonally. Since they were a b*tch to iron, this was a good solution.”

She later added: “Edit – woke up with fresh eyes and looked at picture again. OP should definitely save those curtains, they look vintage and I bet they were custom made for that house. Could be valuable in fabric alone.”

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Went into my attic for the first time, wasn’t expecting to find this…
byu/Pillmo inWeird

The original poster doubted the theory, however, responding: “But… behind MORE curtains? They are also thrown atop one another so I don’t think whoever did this has ironing in mind. Interesting take though.”

Another person penned: “Rubber gloves, kitchen tongs, mask. Just plop ’em in garbage bags. They’ll just keep rotting away up there. You could pay a family member/friend or hire someone to do it.

“I thought it might be the leftovers of a kids’ playhouse. My dad would drape blankets over tables and stair railings for us, but we never had an attic with exposed beams to build on.”

A third agreed with that theory, adding: “This reminds me of when my cousins and I would put on plays in the attic of my grandmas house. Maybe it’s left behind from some kiddos.”

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    A fourth person described the scene as something akin to the “ritual room” in 2018 horror mystery film, Hereditary, meanwhile. Agreeing with the sentiment, a second Reddit user spookily theorised: “I think you might have a Paimon infestation in your attic. Pretty common form of cultist. Problem is, if you see one Paimon shrine, there’s probably a whole lot you’re not seeing.

    “Yeah, you know I had a guy who had one in his treehouse. Turned into a full-blown cult leader by the end of the week. You get a few cultists in your walls, next thing you know, you’ve got yourself a colony. We could fumigate with polymarethane?”

    A perplexed fifth person responded: “So many questions. Why do you own a house of which you did not look in every room when you bought it? Why are there tiles on the attic floor? Why is only the side insulated but nothing else?”

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