A UFO sighting in Nevada has stunned a paranormal enthusiast as a bright light hovered over Las Vegas and appeared to zoom in various directions over the hills.

A UFO sighting in Las Vegas has confused onlookers as the bright orb moved quickly along the hillside while emitting pulsating bright white and blue lights. The man recording the video claimed that the UFO covered an estimated 50 miles in three minutes and was recorded days before Christmas on December 19. This apparent distance travelled would mean the UFO was moving at speeds around 1,000 miles an hour, only slighter slower than a F-35 stealth aircraft.

The author of the video also claimed that it produced “no sound” and that he was close enough that, if it were an aircraft he would have heard it while filming

He noted that around the UFO were other smaller objects that were flashing above the Las Vegas night sky.

The Nevada state has a reputation for unusual night sky activity that has only grown over the years.

This reputation for many UFO may stem from the speculation surrounding the secrecy of US military base Area 51, none to be positioned in the Nevada desert.

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This latest footage comes after the resurfacing of Navy footage showing a suspected extraterrestrial craft.

A Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet, a twin-engined fighter, showed an unidentified aircraft surrounded by a glowing aura.

The object travelled at a high speed and rotated as it moved – the pilots onboard are captured as saying “there’s a whole fleet of them”.

US Officials said the video should not have been seen by the public, citing issues of national security.

However, many claimed it was proof that aliens had arrived on Earth, and to this day no one has offered a plausible explanation.

The pilot who had the mysterious encounter has spoken out, reiterating the unusual behaviour of the craft which flew against strong winds while it was rotating.

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Chad Underwood told New York Magazine’s Intelligencer: “You’re not going to see it with your own eyes until probably 10 miles, and then you’re not going to be able to visually track it until you’re probably inside of five miles, which is where [commanding officer, who first made visual confirmation of the UFO,] Dave Fravor said that he saw it.

“The thing that stood out to me the most was how erratic it was behaving.

“It was just behaving in ways that aren’t physically normal. That’s what caught my eye. Because, aircraft, whether they’re manned or unmanned, still have to obey the laws of physics.”

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