A NASA live stream of the International Space Station (ISS) appears to have undeniably filmed a fleet of «glowing UFOs», at least according to a prominent alien expert.

The supposed UFO fleet passed Earth on May 18 and came within view of the International Space Station’s cameras. Ufologist and prominent conspiracy theorist Scott C waring believes the unidentified flying objects were alien in nature. Mr Waring shared his bizarre theory on his blog ET Data Base where he dubbed the discovery «absolutely monumental».


    You can see in the video, specks of light floating around in orbit.

    However, it is hard to tell from the video whether the UFOs are alien spaceships or just pieces of orbital debris reflecting sunlight.

    Mr Waring said: «A few days ago a fleet of glowing UFOs was seen on the live NASA space station cam.

    «The UFOs were pulsing and throwing as they moved forward… each at different speeds.


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    «Some fast and some slow, but they were all going in the same direction. Very strange.

    «No satellites would ever do that or they would collide. Also, satellites do not pulse as they move.

    «This is absolutely monumental raw footage that cannot be denied.»

    Mr Waring then branded the UFO anomaly «an armada of ships trading» below the ISS.

    He added: «You can see them actually passing past Earth, uninterested in it. Clearly, aliens are no threat in any.

    «The fact this footage came directly from a government NASA live cam is proof in itself that the footage is 100 percent real. Cams don’t lie, they only record.»

    However, there are more plausible explanations that do not involve extraterrestrials.

    According to former NASA engineer James Oberg, most sightings of UFOs in space can be explained by so-called space dandruff.

    Speaking to Atlas Obscura, he said the glowing specks seen in many UFO videos are most likely just pieces of ice, paint, insulation and other spacecraft parts drifting aimlessly in orbit.

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    Mr Oberg said: «The Earth’s still dark, the sky is full of stars, and these little snowflakes are playing out there, tumbling.»

    The NASA expert also pointed out how many of these objects appear and disappear as a result of moving in and out of the spacecraft’s shadow.

    However, he also argued it is natural for the brain to be confused by these events in such extraordinary circumstances.

    Mr Oberg said: «Everyone on YouTube just calls each other morons or sheeple.

    «But really it’s just that out there, your visual assumptions are no longer valid.»

    Another trick of the mind that might cause people to see UFOs is pareidolia.

    Pareidolia is a form of apophenia, which described our tendency to seek out patterns in otherwise random information.

    Astronomer Larry Sessions told EarthSky.org: «Everyone experiences it from time to time.

    «Seeing the famous man in the Moon is a classic example from astronomy.»

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