UFO sightings UK MAPPED: Full list of UFO activity hotspots in UK – is YOUR area listed?

UFO sightings are being reported up and down the UK and UFO Day on July 2 celebrates that. Here is a map of the UK’s biggest UFO hotspots.

UFOs or unidentified flying objects are often associated with extraterrestrial alien phenomena. From flying saucers to glowing cigars, the skies are full of unexplained mysteries. And though UFO sightings might seem most at home in the deserts of Nevada, the UK has its fair share of UFO reports as well.


    According to a 2020 YouGov survey, 20 percent of Britons have admitted it is likely aliens are living among us.

    Another 65 percent of those surveyed said it is unlikely and only 15 percent were undecided.

    Only four percent of those surveyed thought it is very likely aliens are here on Earth.

    In February this year, the RAF said it would make public for the first time its archives of UFO sightings and reports.


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    The RAF has been officially investigating reports up until 2009, concluding after 50 years there is no credible threat to the nation’s safety from these sightings.

    The 2009 record details more than 262 sightings from across the UK.

    The company Fresh Student Living has now compiled some of the UK’s most frequent UFO hotspot.

    The list contains sightings from more than 56 places in England, Scotland, Wales as well as the Channel Islands.

    What is the best place to see a UFO in the UK?

    Perhaps unsurprisingly, London is at the top of the list with 54 sightings reported.

    London is followed by Kent with 30 sightings and Lancashire with 24.

    The Midlands are another major hotspot with a grand total of 109 sightings between Lincolnshire, Derbyshire and Warwickshire.

    However, cities like Leicester have only reported two UFO sightings in a year.

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    Top 30 UFO sightings in 2009:

    London – 54

    Kent – 30

    Lancashire – 24

    Derbyshire – 22

    Essex – 22

    Stafford – 19

    Swansea – 18

    Warwickshire – 17

    Surrey – 16

    Norfolk – 15

    Wiltshire – 15

    Yorkshire – 15

    East Sussex – 14

    Devon – 13

    Lincolnshire – 13

    Hertfordshire – 12

    Northamptonshire – 12

    West Sussex – 12

    Cornwall – 11

    Oxford – 11

    Shropshire – 11

    Somerset – 11

    Cheshire – 10

    Nottingham – 10

    Suffolk – 10

    Brighton – 8

    Cambridgeshire – 8

    Hampshire – 8

    Glasgow – 7

    Gloucestershire -7


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    According to RAF document, the best time to see a UFO is between 8pm and midnight.

    The bulk of the reports came in between 10pm and 11pm.

    Almost 100 UFOs were reported within this timeframe.

    A February 22 report from London reads: “An object with a white and alternating red lights at an angle.

    “Came from South East London towards Canary Wharf.

    “It stopped in mid-air and an alternating sequence of red lights flashed at 180 degrees. Lights switched side instantly.”

    Another report from April 15, timestamped at 8.30pm, reads: “Two objects, five minutes apart heading East to West.

    “They looked like orange fiery balls but made no sound.

    “They travelled at the speed of a plane. They had no tail.”

    Sourse: www.express.co.uk

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