Archaeologists found a fortress from the time of biblical King David with "horned deities"

In the ancient fortress belonging to the kingdom of Geshur, images of the Mesopotamian god of the moon King David were found.

In the Golan Heights, controlled by Israel, a fortress 3 thousand years old was discovered depicting mysterious horned figures. Scholars suggest that the fort was built by the kingdom of Geshur, an ally of the biblical king David. It is reported by Live Science.

The building is located on a small hill overlooking the river crossing. Israeli archaeologists discovered the fort, inspecting the area where a new residential area is now being built.

fortress from the time of biblical King David

The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) suggests that the fort was built in the 11th or 10th century BC. It consists of basalt walls almost 1.5 m wide. Among the ruins were found beads, ceramics, a ring and part of a broken figure of a woman holding a drum. But the most exciting discovery was a large stone on which two human figures with extended arms were carved. Each figure had two horns on his head.
The unusual carving resembles another one found in an ancient place called Et Tell on the northern shore of the Sea of ​ ​ Galilee. In 2019, a similar image was discovered at the city gate in Et Tell. By age, both finds are similar to each other and can be an image of the M e s o p o t a m I a n god of the moon. The horns in the picture could depict bull horns or crescent trees.


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