Goodbye Google! Scientists are developing the launch of smart devices without special commands.
You can activate your devices with a simple “Hello!”

A team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University (USA) is working to create an algorithm that provides more intuitive communication between humans and smart devices. it wtill called Goodbye Google. This was reported by one of the scientists on his website.
Today, you need to use specific commands, such as “OK, Google!” “Goodbye, Google” or “Hello, Siri!,” to turn on a smart column or to start a voice assistant on your phone. However, in real life we do not use such phrases, but simply say to each other: “Hello!.” Now, smart devices, elements of the smart home system from Amazon, Apple, Google and other manufacturers can be activated in this way. And all thanks to an algorithm developed on the basis of artificial intelligence. With his help, the technician will understand that you are turning to her.
Scientists have taught smart gadgets to determine where the voice comes from using the direction of voice, DoV algorithm. At the same time, the devices use only the microphone, and the cameras do not. The developers claim that DoV something resembles eye contact, which we designate the interlocutor when talking. They are also sure that the number of random activations of devices will decrease due to DoV, because the algorithm will clearly determine which device the user accesses. This is simple enough: when the voice is directed into the microphone, low and high frequencies prevail in it. And if the voice is directed to another device, then low frequencies will prevail. If a person is turned to the microphone, the voice will sound more clearly than when reflecting the voice from other objects, when the person does not speak to the microphone, but to the side.

In addition, another method will be involved: the algorithm measures the shape of the signal, determines its intensity, compares it with the average value and calculates whether the voice was directed to the microphone or not.

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