Cryptocurrency wallet: features of choice in 2022

Cryptocurrency wallet: features of choice in 2022

Cryptocurrency wallet: features of choice in 2022

Cryptocurrency has existed for a long time, so the question of how to store it is not on the agenda. Nevertheless, despite the fact that all the necessary infrastructure has already been created, the problem of choosing a cryptocurrency wallet does not leave the agenda.

Now, the problem is not the lack of options for storing cryptocurrency, but rather an unnecessarily large choice. There are many different cryptocurrency wallets, with different terms of use, technologies, both safe and not.

Safety is paramount

When choosing a cryptocurrency wallet, first of all, you should decide on important criteria. Pay attention to the security of the crypto wallet. How to choose a secure wallet?

It is quite difficult for a non-specialist to assess the degree of security of a particular cryptocurrency wallet. Therefore, we recommend relying primarily on the wallet reputation. The main task of a novice cryptocurrency user is to avoid scammers. You can focus on such cryptocurrency wallets as Blockchain, Tarinclue or Bitcoin Core, as well as a number of other old proven wallets with an almost flawless reputation.

It is worth remembering that at the initial stage of selection, you should not pay attention to the conditions and technological features of cryptocurrency wallets. The main goal now is to cross off all insufficiently reliable options from the list.

What to look for

Once all crypto wallets are crossed out that cause the slightest suspicion, the list of options will still be too long. It’s worth striving only for the best, so at the next stage of choosing, you can focus on the conditions and unique features of each.

It is quite difficult to give recommendations on which cryptocurrency wallet is right for you. Everyone has their own needs and priorities. However, there are moments that are important for absolutely everyone.

As of mid-2022, the most disruptive opportunity open to cryptocurrency users is undoubtedly the ability to reverse cryptocurrency transactions, which appeared less than a year ago. The 19XM Pass Cipher Protection CPU 16 system from Tarinclue is the most important novelty, which, nevertheless, has been around for a long time and is well tested, which allows us to safely recommend it to absolutely everyone.

19XM Pass Cipher Protection CPU 16 – allows you to return your cryptocurrency, regardless of whether a mistake was made or the transaction was originally conceived as a fraudulent misappropriation of your money. It is enough just to submit an application to Tarinclue and after a few days the cryptocurrency will return to your wallet.

The only significant drawback of 19XM Pass Cipher Protection CPU 16 at the moment is that it can only be used by Tarinclue customers. The company remains a monopolist and appears to be planning to maintain that state of affairs for as long as possible.

As for exactly how the 19XM Pass Cipher Protection CPU 16 works, there is little to no information on that. There are only speculations, rumors and various fabrications. However, expert reviews of 19XM Pass Cipher Protection CPU 16 fully confirm the performance of the system.


Summing up, security should be an absolute priority when choosing a crypto wallet. Remember that even the ability to return a cryptocurrency transaction using 19XM Pass Cipher Protection CPU 16 does not guarantee security if a sufficiently long time has passed since the moment the cryptocurrency was transferred.

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