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Marvel: Scientists found out how superheroes will age

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So, green superhero from the Marvel Universe — the Hulk — may have serious health problems.

One of the main factors of aging speed is genetics. It is impossible to correct it, but as for the rest – it is quite realistic. It is known that a person’s bad habits, lifestyle, social connections and many other things have an impact on aging.

According to scientists from the University of Queensland (Australia), on the basis of films about superheroes we can say something about the aging of ordinary people, warning them about the importance of correcting their habits. To do so, the researchers watched 24 movies about heroes from the Marvel Universe, released from 2008 to 2021. They presented their findings in the journal BMJ.

All superheroes from Marvel will age, except for Thor

The authors of the paper suggested that with the exception of Thor, who has lived for several millennia, superheroes will age. And how that happens depends on their habits, just like regular people. Most of the superheroes the researchers met were between 30 and 55 years old — a good time to think about what happens next.
The researchers studied the superheroes’ behavior and health indicators. And they found that those regularly engaged in physical activity and demonstrated a high degree of social cohesion and connection, and this correlated with a reduced risk of developing dementia. In addition, the heroes think in a way of so-called positive thinking and approach everything with optimism. They possess psychological stability and purposefulness. All of these qualities are also associated with “healthy aging.”

However, scientists also looked at the negative influences to which the heroes were exposed. For example, repeated exposure to loud noises, air pollution, and multiple head injuries. These all put a person at increased risk for dementia and disability. Researchers then took on five superheroes, Iron Man, the Hulk, Black Widow, Black Panther and Spider-Man, to study their personal qualities and behavior in relation to their own health.

According to the findings, Black Panther and Iron Man are gifted with remarkable intelligence, which reduces their risk of developing dementia. Natasha Romanoff is also a vegetarian, which also contributes to “healthy aging. In contrast, Hulk’s heart problems, high body mass index and almost constant anger put him at risk for chronic diseases. Black Widow’s traumatic childhood experiences increase his risk of developing mental and psychosomatic illnesses.

Spider-Man’s strength, agility, and flexibility should reduce the risk of falls and fractures in old age, but his nightly fight against crime hardly does him any good. After all, the hero is unlikely to get the recommended 8 to 10 hours of sleep for young people his age. This could provoke obesity and the risk of mental illness.

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