Boy, 13, miraculously survives after being impaled by his own fishing rod

A 13-year-old was cycling home from a river in Russia when he fell and landed on his fishing rod, which impaled him and pierced just half an inch away from a vital vein

    The teenager was impaled by the fishing rod (Image: Health Ministry in Moscow region)

    A boy miraculously survived after being caught by his own fishing rod.

    The Russian teenager was cycling home from a river on July 5 when he fell awkwardly.

    The 13-year-old's fishing rod spiked the entire way through his body from his abdomen to his back.

    He was rushed to Voskresensk District Hospital No.2 in the Moscow region where doctors urgently consulted experts about how to operate.

    The procedure they opted for was complicated by the fact the teenager could not by laid down in the operator theatre.

    The rod went straight into him
    (Image: Health Ministry in Moscow region)

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    The fishing rod was half an inch from piercing the an integral vein of the boy and killing him.

    “The boy was sitting on the operation table with the 'spike' coming out of his chest,” said Andrey Zverev, head of the surgical department.

    “Even such a simple thing as putting the patient on the operating table was a problem.

    He was treated at Voskresensk Hospital No 2
    (Image: Mosregtoday)

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    “The spike was sticking 10 centimetres (4 inches) out of his back.

    “There was a risk of removal because of the threat of bleeding.”

    The surgeons managed to successfully operate and the boy was eventually sent home 12 days later.

    The medical team of Andrey Zverev, Alexey Vlasov, Sergey Makarov, Konstantin Murin and Vladislav Burdakov
    (Image: Health Ministry in Moscow region)

    “The young man was admitted to us with a wound to the liver and duodenum,” said chief doctor Yuri Raikhman.

    “Only by a lucky coincidence, the’ spear’ passed one centimetre from the inferior vena cava vein.

    “If this had been damaged, the consequences could have been fatal.”

    He said: “We removed the fishing rod and performed surgery to suture the damaged internal organs.”


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