Stroke. Ways to prevent it


Stroke in the modern world ranks first in terms of mortality and disability. A popular opinion is that only elderly people can get a stroke. However, this opinion is erroneous. People of all ages are at risk. Prevention is necessary for everyone.

In 80% of cases, stroke leads to disability. In 22%, a fatal outcome is possible. Unfortunately, doctors do not give guarantees for one hundred percent recovery, even with urgent intervention. In a special risk group are people who have a tendency to get sick. Or they have already experienced this before.

Stroke symptoms :

1)A sharp headache for no reason

2)Violation of movements and vestibular apparatus

3)Frequent loss of consciousness

4)Numbness of the limbs

5)Significant problems with speech, difficulties to smile. Difficulty of facial expressions in general.

If you feel such symptoms, you should immediately seek help. In this condition, a person should be taken to the hospital and monitored for his further condition.

Ways to prevent

Stroke is a big problem with blood vessels. It occurs when the vessels of the brain are blocked or ruptured. A stroke can lead to disability in a short time. In just 24 hours. Anyone can be affected by a stroke. Even young and healthy. The relative reason for this is not the right ecology, and not the right way of life.

Stroke is primarily a brain disease. People affected by this disease need to take care of themselves. For example, people with frequent migraines or diseases of the neurological system.

How to prevent a stroke ?

You need to know your normal blood pressure and not deviate from the norm. Constantly monitor the pressure.

Diet and nutrition control are important. Especially for the elderly. Or for those who are susceptible to the disease. People with diabetes need to monitor their sugar levels very carefully.

Human with diabetes need to monitor their sugar levels very carefully.

Reducing the number of stresses and disorders. It is necessary to reduce the stimuli that provoke you to negative emotions.

A healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and proper sleep are not only the prevention of this disease, but also many others.

Almost all diseases need to be treated in the early stages. This way the treatment will be less costly and more effective. Stroke prevention is necessary for almost all people. Neurological diseases are difficult to determine on their own. To do this, you need to constantly monitor your health. The occurrence of the disease can be avoided. It is worth sounding the alarm at the slightest suspicion.

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