Global warming in the USA

Global warming in the USA.
Global warming in the USA.

Global warming has overtaken the United States. To protect people from the unbearable heat. In Arizona, a special road surface is being created.

Global warming will no longer be something not seen. In the near future, many residents of US cities have felt a sharp increase in temperature.

Temperature change in Phoenix

Phoenix is quite a hot city in the USA. High temperatures are considered normal for him. However, in recent years, the degree has been greatly increasing. In the near future, the appearance of real global warming is very characteristic. The minimum temperature will not be less than one hundred degrees.

Last summer, there was a 45-degree heat on the streets, which did not subside for 29 days. And for the residents of the city it was a complete disaster. This meant that the air conditioners and cooling systems would not stop working. Involving their owners in financial difficulties.

Global warming affects many factors. Water consumption has increased several times, as well as electricity.

Human impact on global warming

The living conditions created by people are also related to global warming. A large number of vehicles travel in cities. Toxic substances are released into the atmosphere. Which certainly affects the temperature.

Attempts to rectify the situation :

Creation of special tracks on which sunlight will not fall. To do this, a large number of trees are planted in the city. Tree branches will create shade and block roads from the sun. Thus, people will start walking more and not driving cars the way they are now. The main idea is to create corridors out of trees. To do this, more than 5 thousand vegetation is planted per year.

Abandonment of the usual road surface, which heats up strongly in the heat, and then transmits the temperature to the air. Thereby accelerating the process of global warming. It will be replaced with a special coating. Which does not heat up so much and can reflect the sun’s rays. But it costs a little more. Previously, this coating has already been used in cities. And it turned out to be very reliable.

People need to take into account the possibility of climate change because of their way of life. Global warming can be deadly for many living beings. Perhaps an increase in temperature would have a good effect on cities with cold climatic conditions. But cities in which it is already warm or hot may not survive such changes. Especially harsh ones. A lot is in human hands. But you need to remember that when building cities, the way you arrange houses requires mandatory attention. Wind flows depend on their location. If you block them, the city will be covered by unbearably stuffy weather. By their actions, people can cause global warming.

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