Two sisters face trial for murder of dad despite years of torture and sex abuse

Investigators in Russia heard how the “tyrant” was killed with his own hunting knife and a hammer by Krestina, Angelina and Maria Khachaturyan – then aged 19, 18 and 17 – after years of abuse

    From left to right: Krestina, Mikhail, Maria, Angelina (Image:

    State investigators in Russia insist that two out of three sisters who killed their ‘rapist’ father despite him sexually abusing and torturing them must stand trial for his premeditated murder.

    The third young woman in the high profile case should be forced to undergo psychiatric treatment, they insist.

    While acknowledging ‘mitigating circumstances’, the Russian Investigative Committee in its final decision defied demands to categorise the killing of ‘mafia boss’ Mikhail Khachaturyan, 57, as self-defence following years of horrific abuse and bullying.

    The “tyrant” was killed with his own hunting knife and a hammer by Krestina, Angelina and Maria Khachaturyan – then aged 19, 18 and 17 – two years ago, say investigators.

    Maria Khachaturyan at one of the recent court hearings
    (Image: AGN Moskva)

    Angelina Khachaturyan behind bars at a hearing
    (Image: Rossiya 1)

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    The two elder sisters could face up to 20 years in jail following the the committee’s decision.

    Maria was not “aware of the actual nature of the actions taken” in attacking her father and should be committed to a psychiatric hospital, the committee said.

    It was argued that years of “torture and sexual abuse” from their “controlling paedophile father” meant that they had used “necessary self-defence” when they killed him.

    Lawyers are appealing for the women to be treated as victims.

    The committee’s controversial insistence on murder charges for Krestina and Angelina come despite state investigators agreeing that the father inflicted “physical and mental suffering on his daughters over a long period of time”.

    Mikhail and Angelina

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    Their motive in killing him was “acute personal hostility”.

    Lawyer Yaroslav Pakulin said: “The girls were in a traumatic situation for a long time.

    “They feared not only for their health, but also for their lives, and only defended themselves from… their father.”

    Evidence reported from the investigation revealed the father threatened one of his “terrified” daughters: “You will take the place of your mother.

    “I will marry you and you will give birth to my baby.”

    An experts’ report said: “He ordered them to get undressed in front of him, saying that he wanted to ‘check’ them.

    “Then ordered them to masturbate him, saying that he had problems with his prostate and it would be a cure.”

    (Image: 360 TV)

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    He “abused and humiliated” them “with various weapons”.

    Angelina had blood streaming from her face after one attack by her father.

    The sisters admitted that Khachaturyan was sedated and sitting in an armchair and not directly threatening them when they took his life in 2018 with his hunting knife and a hammer.

    Initially Maria had claimed he was attacking them with a knife when they killed him, but then admitted he was dozing in an armchair.

    Mikhail Khachaturyan allegedly had links to the criminal underworld in Russia
    (Image: east2west news)

    Maria stabbed him, and Angelina hit him with a hammer.

    Krestina’s lawyer has claimed she had no part in the actual killing although she was present.

    The shocking case had transfixed Russians amid defence demands that the sisters could not be held responsible for their actions.

    Almost a million people have signed petitions demanding they are allowed to go free.

    A court earlier ruled that Maria did not understand her actions when she was part of the alleged “group” conspiracy kill their “mafia boss” father.

    After the attack, Maria admitted: "We all were scared.

    “It seems that Krestina checked his pulse.

    “I called the ambulance and police."

    The Russian prosecutor general will now make a final decision on the charges they will face in court.


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