What symptoms can indicate lung problems?

Cough. Especially, a chronic cough in the morning, when you need to pump something off daily. You need to inform the doctor about this, as this is not a normal symptom. It can be lung problems. I also suggest looking at the appearance and color of sputum.

Short wind. If you cannot fully exercise due to severe shortness of breath or even walk at a fast pace, you should consult a doctor. Also an alarming symptom – if you can not climb the stairs without shortness of breath.

Chest pain while breathing. This symptom can also indicate that something is wrong with the lungs and pleura and you should consult a doctor.

Blood in the sputum. A dangerous symptom that you need to see a doctor as quickly as possible. You need to understand where the blood came from in the sputum and what happens to the lungs and bronchi (may be a sign of tuberculosis or cancer).

Sudden stop of breathing. A symptom that occurs abruptly and is more like a respiratory attack. A person does not cough, there is no shortness of breath, but suddenly he intercepts breathing under any conditions.

Loss of body weight that can’t be explained. This can be a sign of various diseases, in particular, and lung problems.

The prevalence of lung diseases in Ukraine is quite high. For example, we are one of the leaders in the number of patients with tuberculosis. Also, according to the latest data from the STEPS study, about 30% of the adult population of Ukraine are smokers. Therefore, we can say that the prevalence of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is also very high, as it is diagnosed in almost every smoker who smokes for a long time.
Also, now in Ukraine, mortality statistics have grown within the first year after a person was diagnosed with tuberculosis. This indicates just that patients do not go to the doctor on time.

How often should you check your lungs?
If there are risk factors (smoking, heredity) – come to a family doctor for consultations and check your lungs regularly.

It is worth seeing a family doctor when there are symptoms or when you realize that something is wrong with your lungs. Then, if necessary, receive a referral for additional diagnosis or consultation with a pulmonologist.
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Screening examinations of people at a young age are recommended only for people at risk. Running all in a row every year for spirometry or other research is not worth it, but you need to listen to yourself and notice changes in the body,
the doctor notes.

Often, a person may have problems with the cardiovascular system, for example, heart failure. This condition can be associated with lungs, so in this case the doctor may recommend to additionally check the respiratory system.

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