Woman found covered in blood, drinking coffee and smoking after ‘murdering friend’

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES Natalia, 45, is claimed to have stabbed 60-year-old Vasily repeatedly before grabbing an axe handle and beating him to a pulp – in front of her 16-year-old daughter

    Natalia is pictured outside her home covered in blood

    This horrifying picture shows a woman covered in blood and enjoying her morning coffee and cigarette after allegedly butchering her friend to death in front of her teenage daughter.

    Natalia, 45, is claimed to have stabbed 60-year-old Vasily with a kitchen knife repeatedly before grabbing an axe handle and beating him to a pulp.

    The 60-year-old's mutilated body was found near the porch of her house in the village of Loboikivka, central Ukraine, on Monday.

    Alcoholic Natalia and Vasily had been enjoying a boozy party at her home when an argument broke out, it is claimed.

    She allegedly battered and tortured the man all through the night until he stopped breathing then called the police, according to reports.

    Police at the scene outside Natalia's house

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    According to local media the killing happened in front of her 16-year-old daughter who has now been placed in a orphanage and is receiving counselling.

    When officers arrived at the scene, they saw Natalia sitting on her porch, covered with blood, and calmly having her morning coffee and cigarette.

    The cops are said to have had the shock of their lives after taking a close look at Vasily's mutilated body that was lying on the ground near the porch.

    Witness Diana, living next door said to local media: ''She [Natalia] turned the man's head and body into a bloody mess.

    Blood stains at the scene of the murder

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    ''His hairline was partially cut off because she had tried to scalp him. She also had stuffed his mouth with bread to muffle his screams.

    ''The courtyard of her house was drenched in blood.

    ''Speaking with policemen, she was calm, casually telling the details of the horrific night.''

    Forensics found multiple knife wounds on the victims head and body.

    Natalia is claimed to have used an axe handle to murder her friend

    Police say the murder happened after a boozy party

    They said Vasily was still alive when Natalia tried to scalp him.

    The experts confirmed Natalia was covered with Vasily's blood during her arrest.

    She is claimed to have confessed to the brutal murder saying she can't remember the argument.

    Police spokeswoman Hanna Starchevska said: ''The suspect was drinking with a friend when a conflict erupted between them and she beat him to death.

    ''She will be sent to a mental hospital for examinations.

    ''The woman faces up to 15 years in prison if found guilty.''

    Natalia's neighbours say she used to be a respected woman and worked as a director of the local post office before she had a drinking problem.

    Sourse: www.mirror.co.uk

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