Australia news: Second wave is ‘as big as the first’ in Australia

AUSTRALIA’S Victoria reported 75 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours as Australia suffers from a huge increase in Covid-19 infections.

The new figure is the state’s biggest daily increase since 31 March. It is also the fourth-biggest since the pandemic hit the country.


    Victoria’s Chief Health Officer, Brett Sutton, said that the second wave is “as big as the first”.

    He added: “Things are going to get worse before they get better.”

    Of the 75 new cases, only one was a traveller quarantining in a hotel.

    Fourteen were linked to known outbreaks and 37 were reportedly picked up through testing of ten ‘hotspot’ Melbourne suburbs.

    Twenty-three of the new cases are still being investigating while six are said to be from unknown community transmission.

    Jenny Mikados, Health Minister, said that most of the new infections were spread at family gatherings.

    She added: “Obviously we’re concerned by the increase in number.”

    Professor Sutton has reportedly blamed the surge of cases on people failing to quarantine when falling ill.

    He also announced that suburb lockdowns were being considered.

    He said: “What we are seeing is transmission across settings because people are still going out with symptoms.

    “Outbreaks are occurring across multiple households, across work and other settings.”

    Professor Sutton also spoke about new lockdown orders.

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    He said: “The public health directions chasing the law is something we have to consider because we have to do whatever is required to turn this around.”

    He explained that any new rules would focus on limiting the number of people that residents can interact with.

    Professor Sutton also said that forcing people to stay home if they have symptoms will be required.

    However, restaurant and shops will reportedly not have to close due to Covid-safe plans which have mediated the risk of transmissions.

    In Australia around a third of the new patients are in their 20s and 30s.

    Professor Sutton asked young people to observe social distancing guidelines.

    He said: “No one wants to be in the position where you’re killing a family member because you’re not looking after yourself in terms of the risk of transmission.”

    For the past 12 days, Victoria has recorded double-digit increases in coronavirus infections.

    In total, there have been 501 thousand reported deaths due to coronavirus in Australia.

    Since the start of the pandemic, the country has recorded 10.1 million confirmed Covid-19 cases.


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