Coronavirus: ‘Biological weapon’ entered US after Wuhan lab scientist defected – claim

CORONAVIRUS is a biological weapon created in Wuhan that entered the US after a rogue scientist defected from China, according to outrageous claims online.

The deadly virus, known as COVID-19, has now infected 95,500 people worldwide, killing 3,286 in the process – a mortality rate officially higher than seasonal flu at 3.4 percent. Yesterday, the UK saw the biggest rise in cases, jumping to 87 confirmed patients – a rise in 36 individuals in just one day as the infection begins spreading freely in the county, leading experts to warn a pandemic is unavoidable. The number of new daily cases reported outside China has now exceeded the number of infections announced within the country, with a surge in the US following the quarantine of a second Princess Cruise ship.

US Senator Tom Cotton came under fire earlier this month, after suggesting the virus was a biological weapon released on purpose – but conspiracy theorists online think a book published in 1981 may just prove that.

Written by Dean Koontz, “The Eyes of Darkness” is a story about a mother who discovers her son Danny is being kept in a military facility after being infected with a man-made microorganism called “Wuhan-400”.

A segment reads: “To understand it, you have to go back 20 months. 

“It was around then that a Chinese scientist named Li Chen defected to the US, carrying a diskette record of China’s most important and dangerous new biological weapon in a decade.

He’s predicted exactly what’s gone on

Sean, The Resistance Movement

“They call the stuff ‘Wuhan-400’ because it was developed at their RDNA labs outside the city of Wuhan and it was the 400th viable strain of man-made microorganisms created at that research centre.”

Some have compared this research centre to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which is where China’s only level four biosafety laboratory is located. 

It has the highest-level classification of labs which study the deadliest viruses and is situated 20 miles from the epicentre of the virus.

The book goes on the claim that Wuhan-400 is the “perfect weapon” as it cannot survive outside a host for more than a minute.

It adds: “Wuhan-400 is the perfect weapon.

“It afflicts human beings, no other living creature can carry it.

“Just like syphilis, Wuhan-400 can’t survive outside a living body for longer than a minute, which means it can’t permanently contaminate objects or entire places the way anthrax and other virulent microorganisms can.

“When the host expires, the Wuhan-400 within him perishes a short while later, as soon as the temperature of the corpse drops below 30C.

“They knew that the Chinese could use Wuhan-400 to wipe out a city or a country, and then there wouldn’t be any need for them to conduct tricky and expensive decontamination before they moved in and took over.”

Congress leader Manish Tewari tweeted screenshots of the book on Twitter last month, clocking up almost 350 retweets and 800 likes since.

He wrote: “Is coronavirus a biological weapon developed by the Chinese called Wuhan-400?

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“This book was published in 1981. Do read the excerpt.”

Now, a conspiracy theorist has claimed the author knew something the rest of the world did not.

Sean, who runs YouTube channel “The Resistance Movement,” claimed: “I’m no expert, but it looks like there are too many conveniences to think that this is something that came out of a market after people ate the animals.

“There’s this book by Dean Koontz in the early Eighties, I’ll show you a picture, but there are a couple of paragraphs that are important.

“He clearly had a lot of premonition or something.

“He’s predicted exactly what’s gone on – you’ve got the year there, 2020 and they call this thing Wuhan-400.


    “Is that a coincidence?” 

    He went on to claim that such a disease would be the perfect excuse to wipe out millions of people in a biological weapon attack.

    However, there are some key differences in the prediction and the recent strain of coronavirus.

    Yesterday, Hong Kong confirmed the first human-to-animal transmission, which the book claimed was not possible.

    The Wuhan-400 was apparently developed as a bioweapon with a 100 percent fatality rate, but COVID-19’s is much lower.

    While the Wuhan-400 only has an extremely short four-hour incubation period, the COVID-19 requires an incubation period between 2 to 14 days.


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