NASA mystery: Multiple UFO sightings near ISS in official photo sparks social media frenzy

THREE SEPARATE UFOs were spotted in an official space agency photograph of the International Space Station, sparking a social media frenzy online about the origin of the objects.

Three separate UFOs have spotted next to the International Space Station in official space agency photographs, according to a leading UFO enthusiast. Scott E Waring, from the UFO YouTube channel ET Data Base, posted his analysis of the photograph on Saturday. The bizarre UFOs – two “orb-like” objects and another “disc-shaped” – can be spotted to the left of the ISS in a recent photograph posted on the European Space Agency (ESA) website.


    The video is captioned: “Three UFOs Near Space Station, Official European Space Agency Photo! UFO Sighting News.”

    Waring describes the UFOs: “I want to show you not one but three UFOs near the NASA space station on an official NASA website.

    “If you zoom in, you can see there are two orbs to the left of the ISS and one disc shaped object with two windows.

    “It looks like there’s windows, you can see the edges around there.”

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    The conspiracy theorist added: “This is amazing. It is on an official NASA website, sitting right next to the space station.

    “I have no idea why they are there, they are just watching us maybe.

    “They love flying by things like space ships, rockets, space stations, don’t they?

    “Whatever this is, it is awfully strange. That is the UFO unedited.”

    Users praised the finding, with one viewer posting: “Wow, great video. I really am looking forward to the day when UFOs are finally disclosed.”

    Another added: “Those look to me to be invisible entities described by Santilli from the Vatican observatory near Tuscon who shot them in infared.”

    Mr Waring had earlier cryptically tweeted: “You know the best thing about doing my research of NASA photos?

    “It’s catching NASA using photoshop. I will show the original photo I found the UFO in, then NASA edited it out so it’s gone, but little does NASA know the original still exists. New video soon.”


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    The latest UFO sighting comes after multiple mysterious objects were spotted during last week’s SpaceX launch.

    The UFOs were spotted by viewers of the SpaceX NASA livestream as the Falcon 9 rocket took two NASA astronauts into space.

    The unusual fast flying orbs were spotted by several different viewers, who posted footage of the different objects on social media.

    The footage of the UFOs has since gone viral and registered thousands of viewers online.


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