Pink flamingos returned to the lake in Kenya

Pink flamingos returned to the lake in Kenya

During the recent visit of the Rangers to the lake flocks of flamingos fed in the turquoise waters of the lake. Pink flamingos, which were the largest attraction of the Nakuru National Park in Kenya, returned to Lake Nakuru eight years later. This was reported on Thursday, September 3, the news agency Reuters.

Rare birds left Nakuru after the water level in the lake increased and their disappearance led to a decrease in the number of visitors to the national park.

“With the return of Pink flamingos, we began to see that the number of visitors is also increasing,” said Park Director of Tourism Caroline Mwebia.

This has revived the hopes of the authorities for a gradual restoration of tourism in the area, which provides a significant portion of employment and income for the local population.

During the rangers’ recent visit to the lake, flocks of Pink flamingos were feeding in the turquoise waters of the lake while others were flying above the waves. A rhinoceros was grazing nearby.

Earlier it was reported that in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, at least 55 elephants died of hunger and severe drought in two months. Some of the elephants were found within a 50 meter radius of water bodies. This indicates that they died before reaching the water.

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