PRP therapy what is that and for what is used

What is PRP therapy

PRP therapy is a cosmetic procedure that is used to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin. It is excellent for the face and body. Its essence and main advantage is to activate the natural processes of restoration of the integrity of the epidermis, the normal relief, color and turgor of the skin through the introduction of the patient’s own plasma. The naturalness of the method bribes not only cosmetology clients, but also professionals who can safely prescribe the procedure to most of their patients.

The method is widely used in cosmetology. However, aesthetic medicine is not the only field of PRP-therapy application. It is used to treat sports injuries, locomotor system diseases, and burns. The high effectiveness of the method is not a fiction, but a reality confirmed by research and practice. As you can see, this method is very much in demand, as well as masters who are able to carry out this procedure, so you can sign up for courses in Platelet-Rich Plasma Application.

What is PRP therapy?

PRP is an acronym that stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. If translated from English, it means “platelet-rich plasma”. Otherwise, the procedure is called plasmolifting. This method of treatment and rejuvenation involves the introduction of human plasma into the problem area. Only the patient’s own biomaterial is used. It is not about donation.
The drug for injection is prepared immediately before injection. It is a fraction of the patient’s venous blood plasma, which contains a large number of platelets. What the latter are useful for subcutaneous injection:

  • Carry protein compounds into the tissues;
  • improve metabolic processes;
  • stimulate the synthesis of our own collagen and elastin;
  • Promote the production of hyaluronic acid.
    Skin cells are renewed and contribute to the birth/renewal of other, healthy structural units. Skin tone increases, medium and fine wrinkles disappear, and deep wrinkles are smoothed.

The main difference of this method is that the beneficial components of the patient’s own blood stimulate the immune and regenerative function of the cells. No foreign substances are injected.

Advantages of PRP-therapy

There are at least three advantages of the procedure:
The breadth of indications for use and effectiveness of the technique in combating most skin problems. Therapy with plasma helps to literally erase the first signs of aging. Remove bags and bruises under the eyes, make the skin pleasant in color and touch, and get rid of dryness.
Can be combined with other treatments and rejuvenation methods. The ability to remove signs of skin withering and regenerate it is the reason why this procedure is often used after chemical peelings and laser treatment.
Using only natural material. Proprietary plasma is practically impossible to cause an allergic reaction, rejection.
Everyone can find advantages for themselves in this procedure.

For what P R P therapy is use

PRP-therapy was so effective that it began to be used in the treatment of the most complex, severe diseases, in various branches of medicine, ranging from orthopedics, ending with surgery and ophthalmology.
Aesthetic cosmetology could not pass by, so the method is most widely used in this industry. Enriched plasma is injected into the deep layers of the patient’s skin to:

  • Accelerate the formation of proteins responsible for skin elasticity and firmness;
  • reduce the recovery period after a deep peel, facial cleansing;
  • Increase healing rate of wounds after plastic surgery, liposuction by 50%;
  • Improve blood supply and nourishment of hair follicles in the process of struggle against baldness, in case of hair transplantation;
  • to make post-acne and stretch marks unnoticeable in the long term;
  • eliminate dryness, scaling and signs of photo-aging.

All the details of this procedure, how to perform it and so on, you can learn on prp courses

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